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Creation Date: 2001-12-28
This picture isn't very special. A screenshot of my desktop with a renamed link made this a slightly funny picture. Jav turned out fairly well considering the time I put into it. I put maybe thirty minutes on it. I stole the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, face, and half of the hair from the vector graphic that the 3D Jav skin came from. I stretched and turned them to face his right. Then I added a body, arms, hands, legs, and feet. The hair uses a silly little radial gradient, not very impressive, right? What's the lesson? Well, it is facing at 45 degrees. That's a big departure from my normal stuff. So the lesson is: 45 degrees is much better than head on. The forward arm has to be moved and rotated to be in front. The legs have to be shaped so that the forward one is bigger, also. Kinda weird, right? Well, that's 3d for ya. I'd just as well say make a 3d model and test it out for yourself. 3d doesn't lie if the modeler is good enough.

This picture is half fun and half truth. I do not own an axe nor would I use it on my computer if I had one. However, days like these make a person wonder how much a hefty axe costs. I've been working in C++ all day. I have a small victory, along with a dozen temporary defeats. Let me say here and now that Visual Basic kicks C++'s ass. Ya, you heard me. Opening a file and loading it into a custom object which includes a few arrays? That's five lines of code in VB. It's forty in C++ and it's not simple enough for a very good programmer to understand. I'm sure that I really am not as good as I think I am, but the fact is that in VB, it's so simple that it's silly. You just do a "Get #1, , ComplexObject" and it fills the object just like it should.

I'm looking for a job officially. Not really, but I'm looking around. Ya know, I need one, right? Okay, enough for tonight. wtf is my problem, shit?? My brother says I need to get laid, but then I said, "Maybe another woman is not what we need." Just like Tyler Durdan of Fight Club, right?

Tomorrow night my homework assignment is to go to a dance club and pick a fight with a guy over a girl. With the knowledge that I will never date her, I will swear that I will not stop kicking his ass until he does not want to date the girl. When he leaves under his own strength or in an ambulance, I will tell the girl that she is better off without me or him and leave. If my first plan does not succeed, I will immediately escalate to plan B. I will make a scene at the dance club loud enough to interrupt people and I will tell people that I'm carrying the world's most destructive weapon*. I will put on a black ski mask. When the police show up wielding guns, I will disarm each one of them without harming them. After disarming them, I will dismantle their guns into the smallest solid pieces possible. When the SWAT team arrives, I will take off my jacket, cut my hair with scissors and walk out as if I was just a bystander. I will go immediately home and write up the next JF Making Of as usual not telling people how it went.

*The world's most destructive weapon is the human mind. Just look at the hundreds of species going extinct every day. Just ask the Afghani refugees that have lost their families, homes, and ability to survive. Just rubberneck at the hundred thousand people who die in car wrecks every year. And then use your only real weapon in the fight to save humanity and planet Earth.
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