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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
Continuity is the name of the game. At least the past three days and tonight. Tonight we "finish" this model. As you may remember, the past three days we made: the head, the torso and arms, and the legs and feet. Today we merge the head with the body and add a skeleton. The head doesn't fit exactly onto the body. First off, it has a neck and shoulders. So I just deleted those. Then I scaled the head to fit. It was far too large for the body. It looked silly, kinda like the mascot of How to Draw Manga books, Mr. Manga. But that's not what I want. I don't need a big-headed mascot, I need a serious looking character. So after resizing, the job isn't even close to done. Skinning was my next priority. The head was already skinned and I decided that I needed to add a bit of shirt and pant texture. So, to make a long story short, I added a rectangle for the shirt and a rectangle for the pants. Then I drew the centerline for the shirt. Of course, I left out buttons because I was rushing a bit. I'll assume that he uses velcro. ^-^ Next, I added the skeleton. The skeleton is no easy job. You can see it there at the right, but it's much more complex. If you get something wrong by a pixel or even a sub-pixel, it'll ruin everything. Milkshape is slightly quirky on that. So what I did was use the side view to put every joint in correctly there. But the side view puts everything at x=0. That's great for perfection like me. I just use the exact move tool and move each vertex 15, -15, 2, and -2 correctly and there we have a correct skeleton. But it isn't that simple. Getting each joint in their correct position is tough. This model is about 80% at getting the joints correctly. When you turn the shoulder forward, the back messes up. But that's also a problem of low-poly modelling and the vertex bone assignment. I'll work on it, but it just goes to show that 3d modelling is tough. But look at how wonderful a job it is?

All I have to do now is drag and drop the arms and legs where I want them, set them as keyframes and there I have a really good model for JF. This model is going to be Sensei Guy 2. It will likely become Javantea version 35 also with a bit of modification. With a bit of messing with, it might also become a few girls. Add breasts, wider hips, different head, more hair, and there you have it. Look out for Scene 3, Page 3 soon! Perhaps even page 4. Then Scene 4 will be a breeze. The main part of Scene 4 is the scenery (an apartment and a freeway) and a larger-than-life digital mural. The digital mural is half done, so Scene 4 may be quick. Scene 5 will be tough, but I'll figure it out.

However, expect a slow-down in Making Of. In fact, I'm going to skip Making Of on days that I produce a page of the comic. Hopefully that will make me produce more pages. Also, I'm going to skip the Making Of once a week for a lesson of Physics. I know what you're thinking: "Physics? I'm an artist, I don't want Physics." Well, tough. I'm going to give it to you because you need it. And it won't be Freshman Physics, no, I'm going to give you what I'm taking. Electrodynamics, Modern Physics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, etc.

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Also, I'd like to show some people what I am shocked and ashamed about. Here it is, divert your eyes if you're sensitive to this stuff.

Why am I shocked and ashamed? Because my computer is a P3-933 with 128 MB of PC-133 RAM and 128 MB of PC-100 RAM. It is performing like a P-100 with 32 MB of PC-66 RAM.. What is going on? If you have a clue, e-mail me.
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