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Creation Date: 2002-01-18
You might have seen something like this before, but this one is slightly different and pretty important. I copied the body from a previous girl and made the head from a guy that I'm working on. It's tough thing to get it right, but every once in a while you get a quality piece of artfully drawn character. This girl is Sensei's Cousin's Grand-daughter. Remember her? More on her later. This picture simply ages her and gives her a normal female body. She's pretty tall for being Asian, but I've seen my share of tall beautiful Asian girls at UW. So, what did I do? I started with the facial structure as usual. Then I added eyes. The position of the eyes is important. You don't want it too high or she'll have no forehead and if you put it too low, she'll have an ugly nose. Ugliness is intolerable, so we're left with one choice: calculating the correct position of the eyes. That's right, get your graphing calculators out for today's lesson. First you got a circle denoted by (x+x0)^2+(y+y0)^2=r^2. x0,y0 is the center, r is the radius of course. That circle goes from the top of the head and is the skull. The line of y=y0 is the top of the eyes and bottom of the eyebrows. At the bottom line of the circle, you have the top of the nose. The bottom of the nose is located at (1.14*2*r)-r+y0. The lips are located at (1.23*2*r)-r+y0. The chin is located at (1.41*2*r)-r+y0. Got that? At x0+r and x0-r, you have the left (from her view if your coordinate axis is on her right) and right bounds of the face respectively. What else? Her lip liner is stretched 50% wide. I just tried it to see how it'd look and it wasn't half bad. What I was shooting for was to double the size of her lower lip, but no go. If I wanted to, I could've just copied the lips into two versions: the outline and the fill and then split the line into upper hand lower halves and make the lower half thicker. But I decided that it wasn't worth it for a Making Of. The last part of the face: the hair. The front of the hair was a quick click click job. The back of the hair wasn't as easy. I copied the front and put it on the back. Then I squished the bottom half to the bottom. But it cried out for spreading out. I was thinking about Furi-Kuri and decided that's how it should be. Her hair should be well done, but not Princess Leia or anything. Next: the decurvization of the breasts. I decided that it'd be better to make the breasts uncurvy. More on that in the next paragraph.

Why uncurvy breasts? Well, it's just not fair to do everything in vertexes and then put two beziers in just to mess with the purity. The purity of low-polygon models is a very careful art. You can't throw vertices at a problem area. We know that because we've seen bezier expansion systems. They take a low polygon model and throw vertices at it. It gets curvy, but the purity goes down the drain. I'm talking ugliness squared. Perhaps you've seen Tron, one of the best movies around.. They had a limited model set. They could only use: spheres, cones (and chopped cones), boxes, and additions or subtractions of them. We all know that spheres have a lot of vertices (infinite in real life, but there aren't any macroscopic perfect spheres in real life), but we weren't wowwed by the immense beauty of those spheres, were we? It was the plot and the world that we liked more, I assume, right? I hope you understand that low poly is the way to go. I would be unhappy if the GPU on my computer could do a trillion triangles per second, because then I couldn't use it unless I had a large number of people.

What about this Sensei's Cousin's Grand-daughter? Well, the previous picture is her in Scene 3, but we know that was only sensei's mental image of her. She's actually a college student at UW. But if I say anymore, I'll certainly give away the ending.

Am I being lazy? Not fully, I'm being busy with other stuff. Scene 5 is fresh in my mind as well as my homework. It's important to get Scene 5 lined up before I get Scene 4 done or I'll end up with A Scene 3 problem. I spent a month on Scene 3 because I rushed Scene 2 so badly. Oh well, I'm going to redo them both anyway, but I am not going to delay JF for a month anymore. I really need to get this story going if it's going to get finished anytime soon. I said six months back in September. But that's impossible now. I think it'll be six months from now when I start on the final draft. Of course, the final draft will go fast and it'll be cool. I'm thinking about selling that one for cash. People should be happy getting my rough draft for free. The final draft ought to be something spectacular. I'll make it into real comic style with issues and stuff. I might even do a B&W version and sell it for cheaper, ya know. But I'll have to charge an arm and a leg for it. I guess that's how it goes. I'll certainly sell it on CD. That'd be cool and much easier (and cheaper).

Then after that, there's the anime version which I'll have to work very hard on. Voice actors may be hard to find. The main character won't be hard to find, though. Hehehe, that's me. Then I need a soundtrack. I assume I'll do techno + actual. But I'll leave that discussion for Scene 5.
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