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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
What about this page of JF? Well, it's a combo of 3 screen captures from MeshView from Microsoft's DirectX 8.1 SDK. It's Javantea (duh) and it shows how useful Meshview is (not extremely). The first one is Jav unedited. The second one shows strips, adjacency, and creases. The third one is Jav with 48600 triangles instead of 486 triangles. Not very impressive, is it? Of course not! Well, it changes 10 or 20 pixels, but that's not enough for me to consider 48600 triangles. However, I might just triple the number triangles and try that out. It's not a very good idea to increase number of triangles for no reason, but in this case it might help shading. It may also change 5-10 pixels for the better. That'd be a decent number for the increase. But increasing evenly can create unneeded additions, so I have my work cut out for me. Well, gotta get to sleep, 2:39 AM Saturday night (aka. Sunday morning) and I'm writing about Evas and creases.. You get the idea.

Original post:
So, where is page 2 and 3? My official response is technical problems, but the underlying reason for not doing a work-around is laziness. It's getting tough to keep my mind focused on JF, let alone the manga part of it. Wednesday, you might remember, I went off on a tangent about FF and JF Anime using AS3D Anime Director. It seems silly to me that I actually am planning on JF Anime when the manga isn't turning out great and the more I think of it, the theory sounds bad even. You see, there's paper and reality, right? A person can write a lot of stuff on paper and the only thing that keeps it from happening in reality is ... reality... Ya, I know that from experience. Working on Robat, the NCDT, and my education have all been victim to the paper->reality conversion error. I mean, some things sound great on paper, but don't happen in reality. But some things don't even sound good on paper. The person who works on something that doesn't sound good on paper is a fool. But many look specifically for things that don't look good on paper, just so that they aren't disappointed. It's silly, really. The rejection you get will probably be the same if you look for something good or if you look for something bad. The only difference is the outcome. If you're disappointed at something because it didn't live up to it's expectations, you at least have the burning desire for more. However, if you are disappointed by what little you get if you have low expectations, you'll likely have given up long before you started and still won't desire more. This argument looks good on paper, but what about the conversion to reality? Hmmm... It could be argued both ways, I guess.

For example, Evangelions look good on paper to someone who likes big robots. However, Evangelion's functionability is quite questionable in reality. Of course, it has an AT-field, and is big enough to wrestle Angels, but where are the AT-field tanks? A tank with an armor-piercing round with an AT-field would surely do much better than an Eva. I'll give one good reasons why a tank would be better than Evas: 14-year-old kids. Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langly are completely hopeless. What do you expect? I don't expect any less or more from a 14-year-old because I was just as bad as them when I was 14, six years ago. I can't say that I did everything they did, but similar things. A tank with an AT-field bullet would save so many problems just by the fact that it can be piloted by a 15+ year-old person. In fact, a tank can be driven by two or three 14-year-olds if they wanted to. That'd be so much better because they'd be able to work together. But more, a tank would be made of metal, would be small enough to evade the Angels, and would have no problem with sync rates.

But now that I've criticized the makers of Eva, I have to explain how great Evangelion is. It's really a masterpiece. I'm watching it for the fourth time and it's better than the first time. Maybe it's just me, but the emotional drama of Eva just rips at my heart. I cry as I watch the later episodes. "Shinji, you silly guy, do what they say! No, don't do what they say! Do what she says, and what he says, but not him!" You need to watch Eva to know what I'm talking about. So the next paragraph is for those who have seen Eva.

Skip to the next paragraph if you haven't seen Eva yet. Some people do not know what Eva is about. After watching it 4 times, I think I've found the answer finally. There's a song I like by Incubus called "Drive". I found that it relates to Eva a lot. It was around episode 12 when I found myself screaming at Shinji, "Take the f*ing wheel, you dumb*ss!" And that's what Eva is about. At age 14, a person needs to take the wheel. Whether it's middle school, getting your first job, or piloting an Eva, you need to take the f*ing wheel. You can't let your parents tell you what to do. You can't ask your friends what to do. You can rely on people only so much and more than that and you're destroyed. For example, the first episode, Shinji is told to get into Unit 01 by his father who he ran away from many years ago. Shinji is afraid (rightfully so, since there's an Angel on the loose that will kill him if he gets into the Eva) and so he says no. That's a bad idea. In our driving metaphor, he's pulled over to the side of the road because there's a car tailing him. Driving instructors say that this is a great idea, but NOT on the freeway. Shinji is doing 40 mph on the freeway driving a Porche (away from a city being nuked, I might add). He's in first gear, after all. He hasn't learned how to switch gears without stalling. Hit the clutch, shift quickly, let go of clutch slowly and there you have yourself in fourth gear going 75 mph. So what happens in Episode 1 to make Shinji learn to shift gears? I think it's a combination of Rei and Unit 01 saving him. So then he's in the Eva and he get's his rear handed to him. There starts his awful experience with finding out just what an Eva really is. It make me ill even to think what an Eva is. So then what? His awful experiences are just slightly worse than every 14-year-old faces. I'd say that he doesn't have such a bad fight, seeing who's on his side. Misato is the best guardian a 14-year-old can ask for. She's single, young, nice, and continually drunk. Hehehe. I shouldn't reinforce those who wish to create h-doujin mangas about Misato and Shinji, but I find it hard to believe Shinji wasn't at least slightly involved. We find out in End of Eva exactly what Shinji is really like and in Episode 20 what Misato is really like. Ya, End of Eva was very sexually graphic even though it only used sounds and suggestive pictures. But what else? Did we forget about Asuka? She's Shinji's age and she's very available. They even get to kiss! Shinji does NOTHING to advance this relationship. In Episode 17, Asuka tells us all Shinji is dense. What is he dense about? The fact that Asuka likes him a lot. I want to slap him one of these times. But that is a symptom of Shinji's great disease. Poor Shinji has no will. He doesn't want to do anything. He'd rather sleep listening to his music than do something that would put him in danger of love or friendship. I have to cry every time I see him doing it. Instead of seizing the day, he looks at his feet. This is not the lack of ability on the writer's fault, it's the genius of the writer. I find it absolutely wonderful. He can speak all the words I cannot say without even saying them. It takes a bunch of decoding, but I understand it. But that makes me think of my own life. Here I am, piloting my own Eva and looking at my feet whenever I find something I can do to risk loving.

I talk about peace, love, freedom, and unity, but I just look at them penciled on their piece of paper in the sky. How wonderful peace, love, freedom, and unity are, but they aren't worth a dime if a person doesn't do something with them. "Javantea's Fate" talks about peace, love, freedom, and unity so far, but it shows a guy doing what I am not even close to doing. But I'm working hard and the day that I grip the wheel and step on the gas will be the day that I am really Javantea. Maybe not the Javantea of JF, but perhaps someone in the same degree. Perhaps I'll say more on Eva and my own Eva piloting later. But you can't ensure it unless you e-mail me.

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