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Creation Date: 2002-01-11
Perhaps today I'll talk about how I suck at female bodies in 3d. Or perhaps it'll be about what a texture can do to a model and how. Since I have a bad female model with two different textures, I'll do both. First off, we got a bad model. You can tell because it doesn't look right in either picture. The arms are too bulky for a female, the breasts are odd-shaped, and vertex are placed incorrectly. Then you got the two textures. Which is less painful to look at? You tell me. I'd say that the bikini is worse simply because it accentuates the odd-shapen breasts. If this texture were on a better model, I'd say that the bikini would be much better than the green shirt. The green shirt is just green. There's nothing else in there. A blue shirt might have been better fit to a loser model like this. *sigh* More on that in the next paragraph. So we ask ourselves: what can a texture do for us? Well, it can put clothes in where no clothes used to be. That's a plus. It can give detail that a solid fill of course cannot (ID badge, dotted line down the side of the arm, etc). It can give detail to replace shading and modelling (curves and permanent shading). Lightmapping is similar to this method but requires each vertex to store color data. It also doesn't allow dynamic lighting, so you must use static lighting. That's no fun, right? Well, actually it's commonly used in old-school 3rd person 3d games that were really fun, but we'll let that go. So a texture can do that and allow you to continue to use dynamic lighting. Then there's the the folds in the clothing. If you've looked really close at the newest Jav model, you see my failed attempt at texturized folds. It looks like sweat marks (on the elbows and knees!). Might I suggest that Corel Draw 6 allows the easy access to use of far too few colors? You see, they made it completely dynamic so that I have to either: use their sucky palette or spend 2 hours making my own. I've so far decided to use theirs with one or two exceptions. That has proven disastrous for JF so far, but I'm going to keep letting it slide. If I wise up and buy PSP, that won't solve it because I need a vector graphics program. I also hate drawing in anything other than vector graphics. The Object-Oriented design has pampered me far too well.

You know I've eaten some bad food when I start insulting my models. I enjoyed my food, but I'm in a bad mood right now. Fifty "Making Of"'s, I'm so glad. I'd be more glad if they'd be in a row, but I'd probably be not as glad to miss what I missed those two days for: WTO Protest Anniversary and Scene 3, Page 3. I went to see Superflat again today. It's an awesome exhibit. Zero is sweet and the manga high on the wall is incredible. It reminds me of JF. ^-^ The girl starts as tall girl talking to her brother. Then she gets smaller and smaller until she's practically a toddler. Then she gets bigger and bigger until at the last one (the finished page) she's back to her original form. That sounds like the down-side of an awesome manga job: multiple rejection. Then there's Lord of the Rings. I have not seen the movie nor will I probably ever. I have a free movie ticket, but there's going to be a few movies that I'll want to see sometime soon, I bet. Since I cancelled my NetFlix account, I need to go to the theater. Oh, what I meant to say is that I'm 300 pages into it. It's quite a good read. I recommend it, but before you read it, be sure to read The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkein. It's the prequel but is referenced so heavily that I say it's a prerequisite rather than a prequel.

Also, a few things are on my mind. I'll just list them, I guess. PGP as a method of communication, text-based RPGs better than 3d MMORPGS, books read from print rather than on a computer screen, conspiracy to have robots replace monkeys as minimum-wage workers, noise as a frequency, high frequency noise, addictiveness of candy, saving Japan from the ill effects of cigarettes with the use of an addictive stimulant that is good for you, ridding America of it's priority problem, forgetting the problems and working on the solutions, forgetting the solutions and working on life, forgetting life and working a day job, forgetting a day job and doing the world a favor. If you want to know more, e-mail me.

Or perhaps I'll just give up.
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