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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
Today's lesson is an interesting solution to the problem I had last night. As you may remember, I disliked Corel Draw's Palette system. The truth is that I didn't understand it fully. I am still a little ways away from getting it completely, but I think I understand most of it. First of all, they put the professional palettes in a hard to find directory. Secondly, they have a roll-up specifically for the generation of funky colors. The professional palettes include: TRUMATCH, TOYO, FOCALTONE, PANTONE, SpectraMaster, DIC, RGB standard, and Uniform. Uniform is what you start out with. It has jack, but jack is easy to find ^-^. So I switched my palette to TOYO (no specific reason other than I liked how it looked) and drew myself a good looking person. The skin tone is TOYO 569. The hair is 100% PANTONE 542 CV. The shirt is TOYO 332 and 333 for the shading. The pants are TRUMATCH 10-E1 and 10-E2 for the shading. The shoes are TOYO 931 and 930 for the shading. The eyes are a simple radial gradient from some light green to some dark green (it doesn't say which they are in the gradient roll-up). Pretty simple, right? Well, the shading was pretty simple. I decided to do a bit of shading just to see the properties of shading with these very precise colors. I find it very nice. All of the professional palettes have shading colors right next to good colors. It's easy to use and very powerful. I also tried a different technique for shading. I manually moved the copied vertices to their position inside the original. That allowed me to make it look like the light is coming from the viewer's left.

If I wanted to be more cool, I'd have shaded the arms, face, hair, and all the folds in the clothing. But I decided to pass. It isn't very easy to just decide one day to do shading on very complex objects. That's part of the reason that I like the computer. It does all the mathematical computation so that if the model is correct, the lighting is correct. The only problem is that often the model looks wrong. Add in a skeleton and no previous experience and you get models like you see on JF. Not that it sucks too badly, but it's not professional yet. When JF becomes professional-level, it will amaze. That's what I'm hoping will be JF final in six months plus.

I just wished that I was in a larger crowd. With support from better modelers, JF would be rocking. So that is what I will ask. If there's a 3d modeler/texturer or two out there that would like to join me on JF, please e-mail me. I cannot afford to pay anyone, but perhaps we can trade skills. I'm a good programmer and am currently 70% done (it is functional, but not in all the areas yet) writing a real-time 3d movie engine based on DirectX8 (think Control Room machinima times ten in every direction: ease of construction, ease of direction, ease of viewing, control, and beauty). With someone other than myself asking for specs, I could more quickly develop a very good 3d movie engine. Perhaps this 3d modeler/texturer has a movie idea and would like to use AltSci3d Anime/Manga Director/Producer.

Hmmm, what now? Well, I better get back to work on JF.. Perhaps I'll finish up Scene 4. That'll be fun.

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