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Creation Date: 2002-01-13
Before I teach you a bit about anime and JF, run, do not walk to http://www.indymedia.org/ and learn up about stuff happening that you should be interested in. Also, each regional site under IndyMedia has exclusive content, so go to http://seattle.indymedia.org/ or the indymedia where you live. So now we can go on to the obligatory lesson. Today's lesson is half-arsed-ness and lips. First off, lips in profile view are important and more ...importantly... hard. Ya, have you drawn perfect lips at profile before? I can say that this is my first time. Look close, even zoom into your subpixel microscope and you'll see: nothing. *sigh* I put so much work into those masterful lips and they aren't even one pixel wide. Well, if your lips look right, they shouldn't be more than a pixel wide. So I guess the short part of the lesson is that if you can't do something, you have two choices: steal or go with half of your heart. It may sound like a bad decision, but half-hearted-ness is often the best way to go into anything. If you do anything too much, it's likely to kill you. Water is an excellent example. Too much water will kill a person. I'm sure that you or I do not know from experience, but the scientists say so and I'm convinced. So, if you don't know how to draw lips at profile view, just don't do it at all and it'll take care of itself. If you really want to do them right, check out a good manga or a live model (but don't just leave it at that, interpret what an anime person would look like). There's a crack in the lips, guys have the bottom lip out usually, girls have a curvy upper lip, and rarely they are talking at profile, but if they are, their jaw and their upper lip move. A person who only uses their jaw to speak looks stupid, but you can find them in real life from time to time. Try it yourself in the mirror and you'll see.

I've done some updating on the JF website. I put the lo/hi button on the side, I put a pagebreak system in place (notice directly above this it goes from thin to wide text area), and a few bug fixes. Nice, huh?

Interesting thing, there's an announcement in http://www.indymedia.org/ that they need Ewoks for the G8 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I doubt that it will concur with any holiday (the G8 doesn't work on holidays, I bet), but I'm going to do a little bit of research on it.

Talking about holidays, MLK day is soon. That'll be a nice vacation from the norm. There's so much going on I don't quite know what to do.

Have you heard about the pipeline through the rainforest in Equator? Activists are chaining themselves to trees already. Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan are funding it. You'd think that they'd rather fund things that wouldn't give them 50k protestors wanting their blood (non-violently, of course).

It seems like protesters are too often forced to go where evil is plotting their next disaster. Wouldn't it be easier to attract evil to our home towns so that we could protest them without flying around the world? Well, at least we got McDonalds and the Gap...

News: I'm almost done with my homework. It sure is a burden! I'm going to go into office hours for the next two days if I don't get it done tomorrow. I'm 360 or so pages into Lord of the Rings. It's a wonderful book. I'm reading it everynight and sometime in the middle of the day. It has slightly less action than The Hobbit (also a wonderful book). The next two ought to be good, too. It's fun that I can look forward to reading like I haven't for so long. I cleaned up my room today. It was a mess and now it's looking pretty good. I added another bookshelf (a box on it's side with support) but I'll need a few more if I keep this reading thing up. I wrote a pair of Physics for Programmers guides today. It's unique and very useful. If you e-mail me, I might send it to you. It might be good enough to go up on www.gamedev.net or something. I'm also thinking about another comic that would be cool to do after JF. But I have a waiting list on my idea machine. ^-^
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