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Creation Date: 2002-01-14
This evening's lesson is pretty simple. You know me, I like simple things. I'll explain more in the next paragraph, but for now, let's do some thinking. You're doing a futuristic comic and you want to make clear that no time passes between two events. You could either tell them in a little info box or you can display it in the word that you're doing. I suppose that telling the audience with an info box is the simplest answer, but I endeavor for better this time, I guess. I am going to put a clock into the scene and have it display 8:38 PM and 8:39 PM. How do I do it without making it stupid, though? Well, I'll just show Jav and the clock as he is doing something (event 1, I'll call it), then I'll show the clock in it's own window as he does event 2. It'll look a bit silly, but maybe it will confuse people into thinking that it's my artistic talent. Not like it hasn't been done before, but with little success. What did I put into this clock? Hmm, lemme see. I put a bit of thought into it and a bit of work, too. You might notice that the font is almost unreadable. It's because I invented it during Mathematical Methods of Physics (Physics 227) today. It involves two columns and three rows of boxes. The vertices are at the vertices of the boxes. between the vertices are straight lines. That allows for lines with slope 0, 1, 1/3 1/2, 2, 3 and infinity*. So I made the numerals 0-9 and put them into sequence for the clock. A waste of time? Possibly, yet I feel like it'll be nice to have my own font that I can use when I want. I know that I'll use it if only for the reason that I have it.

*A line with infinite slope is a horizontal line. Remember that slope is rise over run. With that knowledge you can tackle Calculus 1 (Math 124).
Simplicity is key for me to live in such a complex world. All the stuff going on really can get a person down at times. The idea of life and death is the least of one's problems when they're doing interesting stuff. Different things can make a person angry, happy, and will teach a person every emotion under the sun by first hand experience. Thinking about anything in this world can quickly turn into a complete and utter nightmare. But where thought attacks us, it can also save us. What I've found is a perfect solution to the complexities of the world is the simplification of the world.

Complexity is not that bad, really. It's not as if it leaves an ill taste in one's mouth. You can solve that with good tasting stuff. Often the good tasting stuff is worse than the Tuna Helper gone all wrong (the one where you forgot the sauce and milk and added too much water and accidentally doubled the measurement for butter). The solution for good food is water. The more water you drink, the less that you'll want good food and your obsession with good food will subside. Water is simple in that it is (or ought to be mainly) H2O. Ions aplenty, it's still H2O.

Back to simplicity: One of my favorite simple things is anime. Sometimes it becomes so complex that it wrenches emotions, but often I find it soothing. Many artist try to go deep into fuzzy greys between complex and evil. I find that simplicity often pays well to those who study it. Truly, simplicity is not just a lack of complexity, but rather an art form in and of itself. To make something simple do something incredible certainly is a sight to see and I believe that doing it correctly can bring a person more success than infinite power. After all, infinite power itself is so complex that it is hardly worth it. That is why the UN will not work. It will attempt to conquer the world, but quickly it will run aground. I can only hope that it is sooner than later and with less bloodshed than it these complexities often cause.

More on that later. Have you been to IndyMedia yet?
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