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Creation Date: 2002-01-15
Today's lesson is another look into the human body. I will detail my quest in the next paragraph, but here I will discuss my day's findings. The front and side of the face are often used as a foundation for a figure. In fact, it's been my foundation for almost every work I've done. However, it has not served me very well. So to deeper understand the situation, I took a top-view approach. The top view is often unhelpful, but using a contour model, it became much easier. Specifically, seeing the "slices" of the head apart from each other simplified the problem into a problem of structure related to size and angle. This is much easier than the side or front view where many facial features must be accounted for when generating a 3d model. For example, we can see in the the forehead slice versus the three nose slices the main facial feature takes precedence. The top of the nose can account for the eyes although it doesn't since I didn't want to add that feature. Often the angle between slices becomes hard to change, but the complexity is mainly with the subject rather than the system.

My quest to quantified the human body is a long and tough journey. Day after day, I attempt to understand the many attributes of the human body. Although my artistic ability increases, my understanding of the human body will likely never be complete. Perhaps that's a good thing. I could hardly enjoy something so much if I had complete understanding. Perhaps that's the truth about everything. Let me be clear, I am not saying that understanding isn't valuable, but rather the more one understands something, the more it reveals of itself creating a never-ending loop which will likely end with a phrase like: "And they all lived happily ever after..." while not meaning it fully.

Talking about fairy-tales, I finished The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, both were excellent, but now I need to get the next two books in the series. Tomorrow after class I think I'll go to the library down the street. While I'm between these books and yonder books, I'm reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It's pretty dreary so far and it's quite illogical, but that's what you get when you cross a physicist and a wizard. What do you get? The physicist calculating the energy it would take to make a spherical fireball and the wizard calculating what size a fireball would destroy the physicist and his spherical desk of notes. Hahaha... Talking about physics, do not fear, I finished it all this evening. It was tough and next week's assignments will be twice as hard, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm going to increase my studying to two hours per night with no time off for good behavior (I hardly looked at my book on Friday or Saturday because I was so far ahead and it put me back more than two hours).

What else? I'm dealing with a bit of frustration and disappointment these past two days. On Monday, I came up with a great idea for a perfect Physics collision system that involved accelerating spheres. It would revolutionize gaming, I would say. But then I end up with a cubic equation to solve. Ax^3+Bx^2+Cx+D=0. Ya, I'm not happy. I looked up the solution to the cubic equation and I was less happy. It's solvable without calculus, but not that I'd put into a computer program. I might put it in and see how long it takes and compare it against worse methods, but it'll never get approval from a game programmer. But (don't you love the exceptions?) perhaps I can use my knowledge of math and physics to create a list of lines that would do a similar function with less operations. Then it'd be pretty cool. But that makes it more complex. How complex can we allow it to be? Not very. Secondly, today I tried to work in C++ a bit and got nothing done. Lemme tell you, you can waste a bunch of time trying to get something to work and it'll refuse forever. Might I suggest that people NEVER use DirectX 8 point sprites? Spend twenty hours or more on them and you'll find that your pictures end up looking like arse. Who in MSFT missed this one? It's not a feature! It's a bug and they haven't done a thing about it. It was in 8.0, people told the dev team and they did nothing to it in 8.1. If 9.0 has it, I'm going to switch to OpenGL forever. I might even do it now... DX, MSFT, C#, .NET, Windows, and all their crud just makes me angry. Now, even C++ makes me angry. VB made it so easy to use everything to my desire and now I'm trying to work with C++ and it isn't giving an inch. Sheesh. I start listening to my internet radio station to better my mood an my internet connection goes out. Thank you MSN!

Enough blabbering about sucky software. How about a song?
Chained to the dream they got you searching for.. The thin line between entertainment and war. The frontline is everywhere. Americanize American Eyes view the world from American Eyes. Bury the past, rob us blind, and leave nothing behind. Just stare! Just stare! Just stare! and Live a nightmare. --Rage Against the Machine

Take note, I'm going into one of my bad moods. Forget anything I say that doesn't make you happy. I'll be happy in a week or so. *shrug*
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