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Creation Date: 2002-01-16
I saw this woman on the street today and now she's immortalized on the web. As if she weren't already with her striking image. She's a vision of the 21st century. Blue shell (aka rainjacket), very professional looking pants and the curves that inspired this picture. In fact, the curves are all straight lines, no bezier used here. I call it a low polygon masterpiece. The two main things I saw was the presence of very separate objects (shell, pants, and person beneath) and the curve of her hips. I hate to sound perverted. Think of it as a sacrifice of social acceptability for the advancements of the arts. Her hips were wide (as they teach in manga books), but between the hips and knees, there was an funny angle. Her leg does not have a straight vertical line from side of pelvis to side of knee. It's a big angle. Anyone who missed this angle in their 3d model would end up with legs that did not look human. Check out this picture versus some of my others. I know for sure that my 3d models have straight lines from the hips to the knees. More on that in the next paragraph. So the lesson is: get those lines correct with human lines. If you want your comic to look good, feel yourself up in the least perverted way and figure out your own curves. For other people, you'll have to find pictures and people walking down the street.

About baggy pants. Of course, it's possible for baggy pants to hide curves, angles and many do. They're popular in the 90's, yes, but not in 2014. Not in JF's future! People got bored of it and most self-respecting people buy super-strong slightly loose pre-nano clothes. They don't get dirty, they don't get stinky, they don't tear, and they don't cost an arm and a leg. There is no way that a girl will wear baggy pants in JF unless she's planning on winning the body-powered roller-sailing championship in Nevada Salt Flats 2014 (a popular sport since nearly every other modern sport has been illegalized by the UN).

I worked a bit on my C++ Physics stuff today. I couldn't stand it for very long, but I got some quality work done on it. I found a useful function that I hadn't seen in use before. fscanf("%8.3f",float) is pretty important for data files.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Here's my critique:
Children who have not seen many of the great children's books of the 80's would certainly gain something from reading Harry Potter. But where's the movie about CS Lewis' The Witch and the Wardrobe? I'm certain that children would gain far more from that book. Of course, they murdered Matilda, a childhood favorite of mine. What about the actual book? The author is definitely writing to the semi-angsty adolescents, not that any of my favorites of the 80's weren't. It includes the evil adoptive parents, a perfect world that is quite imperfect, characters who are annoying and quick to change, and a plot that doesn't make logical sense most of the time. Take the evil adoptive parents and the wad full of wizard cash Harry has. Why doesn't he buy himself into a family? Perhaps I must read onto Book 2 to find out, but why would Harry spend Summer vacation with his worst enemies if there's nothing preventing him from leaving? He's only ten, but I had run away from home dozens of times before that age. I remember my first trip I knew where Aunties Bookstore was. I walked there and walked back. Back to the story of Harry Potter, though. Here we have a perfect world, Haggatts and it isn't even slightly perfect. In fact I'd say it's worse than usual private schools. They hire teachers that hate students (I guess that's normal for many schools), the dorms are coed and open (ack! it's good these kids are pre-pubescent, but what if..), the classes are less practical than normal private schools, they charge tuition for grade schoolers, and then there's separation of Church and State. Of course, England doesn't have that, but over here in America it's a serious crime to mix government (remember Ministry of Magic) and religion. It'd be fine if it were a private school, but it's not. The government of magic controls the school's resources. At least they don't get in the way. Shall we even question the practicality of magic that is mainly unusable? The muggles can't know about the magic, so that rules out anything big or any effect on muggles. Healing spells and potions are useful, but let's talk physics for a second here.

There's a major debate between people who believe in perpetual motion and those who do not (aka. Physicists). Out of thin air, it is impossible to create or destroy energy. Time and time again, physicists see this. Saying silly Latin phrases doesn't help or hurt, we know because the Greeks spoke Latin and it didn't help them create energy (it in fact proved the exact opposite theorem). That hope dashed, there's entropy which says that you need to put work into anything to get less energy out. That means brushing around their wands isn't generating much energy if any. Then there's left one single possibility: storage in materials. We physicists know that all materials have energy and in fact, the nuclear forces are so great that breaking apart atoms creates enormous amounts of energy. Yet, we are stuck again because ripping apart atoms doesn't happen so easily as waving a "magic" wand. Ah, yes, secret ingredients. Unicorn hair doesn't exist. Biologists might be able to do some genetic tweaking on a Rhino, but that's a ways off. And these unicorns must generate terrific amounts of energy if it is to be stored in a few hairs. All that for stuff that you can only use on other wizards and witches who will likely do a counter-spell. Using magic for good? Turning dirt into vegetables? Wonderful, but a gardener does it better. Healing? Certainly a doctor does better. With the ending of the book, we see that magic cannot even keep one from dying. Still, it's not very likely. Using Occum's Razor, we must conclude with little doubt that magic is indeed a fairy tale. However, that doesn't meant that physics can't duplicate the effects. In fact, in nearly every instance, we've duplicated what sci-fi and fantasy books dream about. Grand explosions, healing, the mysteries of the universe unraveled. Soon, we'll even travel beyond the Solar System to a near star. Exploration and improvent of life is the job of scientists, not magicians. Even the smoke and mirrors that the magicians use are based on simple physics.

Back to the book, I give it two of five bubbling physics experiments.
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