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Creation Date: 2002-01-17
Today you get a half lesson. I'm not quite sure if it's even going to be that. Read the next paragraph for the reason. This set of arms may look like every other one before it, but there's a difference. The palms face downwards when arms are stretched out. Usually I have the palms facing forward in a Jesus pose, if you will. Try putting your arms out and see where your palms go: down or forward. The truth is both. However, try it to your sides. Your palms go to your sides. Why? I guess that it's because it's a stable equilibrium, while I'm not quite sure of that. Now, try turning your hands from one position to the other. What's rotating? You wrist is. Tell me if this isn't exactly true because I'm not sure myself, but it seems correct to me. So the proper way to do it is to rotate the wrist/forearm when you need to turn the hand. In low-polygon, biceps have a thing with them that they squish to no width if you mess the shoulders up. The solution is to make the shoulder, the elbow, and their joint correctly. I guess that's why it's a half lesson. I can only tell you what the problem is and what a proposed solution is. I can't make a model correctly in my condition. I spent an hour trying to get the faces turned correct and it still looks like crud. Ugh. Even the hands look awful. I put a lot of work and triangles into those f'n hands! Look right! Sei richtig! So na!

I gave blood today. It was pleasant, the people were nice, and blood is in high demand. You see, everyone decided to give blood on Sept 11 even though it wasn't needed since no one got out injured (bless their souls). And blood perishes. After a certain amount of time, it goes bad. And now people aren't going back for what reason I dunno (perhaps everyone is tired of being "patriotic" when it pains them to do so). So I did my duty to my community, not to America. Perhaps someday I'll lose a pint of blood and I'll go to the hospital and they'll give me some of their high quality blood. Or perhaps one day I'll lose a pint of blood and won't be able to go to a hospital. I'll stick it out and will act as if I had just given blood instead of freaking out and making it worse. People die from shock and lack of treatment because they're too shocked to get help very often).

A few notes on music and anime music videos. I love Ozzy Osbourne's, "I Just Want You" and Adema's "Giving In". The FF8 music video to "Giving In" kicks seriously. Good job Terraburn. I downloaded it and I like it very much. It's also downloadable non-zipped. Many people zip their video and audio files because it lowers the size, but it shouldn't. You might remember from my GoGrrl Random Noise Compression Making Of page, zipping should not lower the size of a well-compressed video or audio. So, what's the use of it being downloadable non-zipped? Being able to watch it before I download the entire thing! That's worth ever extra second I have to wait for very slightly larger size (if that). And Ozzy's song is a masterpiece. Check the lyrics here, second one down. I'm sure I'm telling a fan anything they don't know, but perhaps someone who doesn't like Ozzy might find something cool. Bush's "Speed Kills" reminds that Bush is still r0x0ring. Not like "Ghosts" didn't. "Little Things", "Everything Zen", "Come Down", and "Glycerine" certainly are high in my list as best songs ever.

I feel like Nagasaguwa Naru, taken down by Keitaro while I was in a weakened state (Episode 17: The Sea, Heart Races for Naru, Knocked Out by Ghost, Suspicious). The Qwest phone company are a bunch of con men. As much as they apologize, I can't help but think that they're doing it just to make me go postal and murder the lot of them with an Armorlite AR-10. J/K! But they make me so mad. Here I am nearly unconscious at the keyboard (since I gave blood) and a smooth talking guy calls me and tells me that he can lower my phone bill by 8 bucks. I say, wtf, is this some kind of joke? You're going to lower my bill for free?! All they've done is charge me up the behind for their crummy service. So I ask, "What do you lawyers want to tell me?" He says, "No, I'm telling you straight, there's no problem. I can it all myself and your bill will be changed this month." So them I say okay and he asks, "May I record your voice for the next part where you agree?" I agree and he starts recording. He goes into the lawyer part that I asked for earlier and one phrase catches my ear: "Twelve month contract". At that moment, I knew that the phone call was over. I said, "Wait a second. A twelve month contract? What if I move to a place where MSN cannot serve me? (a lie) I'm planning on moving within three months. (another lie)" So he says, "Well, you'd still have the contract and you'd have to pay a $150 fee for breaking the contract." "Fuck that," is what I should have told him. He was a polite guy, so I told him, "I can't agree to that. It would certainly be detrimental to save $8 per month just to pay $20 per month." He agreed politely and told me that he "does the system backwards" and he doesn't even start the transaction until I've agreed. "*Sure*, goodbye and thanks for the call, bitch." The last word I hung up before I said. Why did I lie twice? MSN suxx0rs worse than any ISP I've ever seen in my entire long life. I'm planning on switching service as soon I get the cash. Qwest keeps calling me night and day. They've called me four times for their wireless plan. They've been the only phone solicitors that I've had. No one selling me money, paper, or even dirt. Only phone crap. I have a phone that I almost never use, an internet connection that I hate, and I'm paying much more than I ought to. Added it to the list of buildings to destroy when anarchy takes over: Qwest HQ, Qwest solicitors (I'll leave the phone equipment in place for a capitalist who isn't a thief to pick up).

I came up with a new song over Christmas. I didn't think of posting the rough draft of the lyrics immediately because it's not very good. It's a poem for now. It won't be so bad when there's a good beat and bit of melody to it.
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