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Creation Date: 2002-01-18
Tonight I tried really hard to get something worthy of my viewers. I didn't get what I wanted, but perhaps you'll like this.. This is a continuation of the previous Making Of. I did a bunch of fixing with the shirt and I added legs. My idea was to completely accentuate the features. It worked pretty well. I'm particularly happy about the chest. I have been consistently disappointed with my previous chests. This one looks textured, possibly because I'm wasting a bunch of triangles. With some work, this might become a decent nude model. Not that there's going to be any nude models in JF, but partial nudes (sleeveless shirts, shorts, and torn clothing). The actual wireframe of this model looks like heck. I'm slightly embarrassed, but I made it while I was in limited capacity. If the skeleton doesn't make it look like Freddy Krugar, I'm going to be amazed. What can you learn about this? Well, one method that worked particularly well was was to work on one quarter of the body at a time. First, I did the left arm and left side of the torso. Then I duped and flipped to the other side. Then I connected the vertices and there was the top half. Then I did the left leg, duped, flipped and there was the model. Of course, then came the long task of making it look right. Often a perfect model will just not look right no matter what you do with it. Logically, if you put the vertices and triangles in the exact same positions as the Quake grunt, you'll have a Quake grunt, but don't think that your 1/100,000,000 is coming up in the next few days. Until then, copy. But if you do not want to copy, play Quake and your brain will copy and you'll say that you didn't copy and you won't break copyright law, but you will have.

Well, yesterday I forgot to tell you. I bought "Two Towers" and "The King Returns" by JRR Tolkien. I also reinstated my favorite background. It's a little html file with a big xml file with all the pictures in my C:\interest\fun\anime\ultrakul\ directory. E-mail me if you want me to burn you a CD with that and a bunch of other awesome stuff on it. I'll do it for free (or monetary donation) if you thank me and don't tell the authors that I'm selling their artwork. ^-^; Oh, darn. I forgot that I don't have links to all the artist's sites. I should attempt to retrieve the URLs, at least. It's an awesome list and it'll a compilation of the best stuff that I've ever found on the net. I can't keep up with it anymore, but looking at the pics really makes me wonder about my lack of talent and the possibility that 3d is not the way. The people that drew these pictures are awesome. Some are professional, but most are just artists. The wrinkles in the clothing, the shading, and everything that 3d cannot do yet.

JF is 12.17 MB: 1.62 MB JPG, 1.17 MB HTML, 9.37 MB PNG. Obviously there's a misappropriation towards PNG, but that's what you get when you want lossless 24 bit. I was thinking about lowering it to 8-bit, but lossless means lossless and 8-bit is far from lossless when you're doing 3d shading. Banding shows up quickly on most JF. I could do 8-bit for the Making Of which is seriously big, but not yet, maybe later. Maybe I could even do JPG or PNG. For Vector Graphics, I'll do 8-bit PNG and for other, I'll do Hi-Quality JPG. Not yet. Maybe when the UW says that I'm out of room.

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