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Creation Date: 2002-01-19
Yukito Kishirois a master of the artform known as manga. His writing is poetry(even though it's translated into English) his drawing is more descriptive and beautiful than a billion words. His manga Gunnm(aka Battle Angel Alita) is among the greatest of all time if not the greatest. In my humble opinion he is without doubt the best Artist of all time. Now that I've wet your lips this is a rendition one of my many favorite pictures found in Battle Angel Alita Part 7 Number One. Gally is one sexy cyborg. We know that she's made of metal but that doesn't stop me from giving her six extra points for pain-induced sexiness.Yes indeed.

On to our lesson. This picture is page 15 of Battle Angel Alita Part 7 Number One. She's talking to her friend Kaos trying to wake him up. If she wanted to rouse him there are other methods but I think that this one is fine. So you remember that I do not trace right?I didn't trace this one either. With the page open next to me I took to the computer. I got her face to my satisfaction and added the neck. Then I made some ovals where her body should go. It went fairly well in fact. The main problem was that these ovals (if not all ovals) do not represent this body correctly. They do very well at guiding a trained hand such as I with a bezier tool at hand but not by themselves. If you want to find out for sure try it out yourself. I'm all for other people questioning my advice when I don't like my advice either. The breast effect is done by perfect lines over a cut up shirt and the neck extended.

You know that Physics for Programmers article I am writing? If you don't, check some of last week's "Making Of" pages. It's doing well. That's what I spent most of my day working on. That as well as AltSci Manga Director Version 2.0. (Long winded isn't it?) The main thing is the accelerated particle. I just finished a class* that does a lot for a 3d movie. It's called The AltSci 3D Accelerated Particle Class. Original, no? It uses only simple calculus, which is quite remarkable I might add. Then I got the Save and Load for my AltSci 3D Linear Path Class working. That's a big deal since I couldn't get it to work for the life of me a few weeks ago. I also mastered the use of pointers. You got your Object *obj_ptr, your object pointer &obj, your char *array, your object object=, and your object pointer's functions, methods, and properties obj_ptr->x.
int main() { char word[4], *sentence_ptr; Object *obj_ptr; word="test"; sentence = add_letter(&word, "a"); return 0; } It's kinda silly since arrays are just pointers to an area ready for your array. So if you want a pointer to an array? You can't have it because it is it. Heheh, deep, huh? The least significant thing I did today was that I finally got some specs written down for correct motion for Anime.

*Class in C++ means a virtual object with code, methods, attributes, and functions.

I dumped a cup half full of water onto my keyboard. It still types, but just now it did a weird thing where it threw a bunch of characters to the screen. Ugh, not another thing I need to buy. Natural keyboards are expensive and useful.. 465'[\jaw Ya, now's it acting very funny. Errgh, my Numpad is gone. I'm half the man I used to be without my numpad.Ackmyspacebarisgone!Whyme?! Oh,the,humanity,of,it,all!I,guess,I'll,use,the,comma,!instead,of,copying,a,space,and,pasting,a,space,everywhere!This,is,really,annoying,I,can,tell,you! I,have,to,use,exclamations,instead,of,periods!,because,it,doesn't,wrap,with,periods,or,commas.;-; ,I,can't,go,to,the,store,tomorrow,or,the,next,day,either..My,4-1/2-day,weekend,shot, by,a,cup,of,water,and,a,fscked, keyboard,oh,that's,just,fn,wonderful,now,I'm,going,to,have,to,do,my,homework..
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