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Creation Date: 2002-01-21
This collection of pictures is an interesting departure from normal stuff. More on that later. For now, we have a lesson to learn together. This is the making of a very cool little HAB. A HAB is a place where people live, specifically people from the future especially in space. Yup, as I say every day, JF is a futuristic sci-fi action comic, it will have cool non-2k2 stuff here and there. I kinda like thinking about the future. A dark and mysterious future that might not happen... Oooh, it sends chills up my over-excitable spine! As you can see, doors are important, non boxy-stuff is helpful, and a hexagonal cylinder is a good representation of a real cylinder. The doors are a major part, without them it'd be not much more than a few boxes and a few blobs. I just regrouped the two triangles and gave them a darker material. I decided that boxes weren't in the best interest of a hexagon.

This is what you call complete instant project switch. I decided after last night's awful PoS that I'd spare my faithful viewers another shame. I was showing signs of my ever-so-slight temporary manic depression. Sometimes, ya know! Nothing goes right, you switch it up to stay in a good mood, but it becomes a nightmare and that's when it gets really bad. So I decided that I'd throw my current project to the wind and indulge one of my lesser-developed pet projects. This project is far from finished but it will be pretty cool with a bit of work. So what is this? Scene 25 and part of Book 16. Hehehe, now I sparked your interest. Book 16 means the sixteenth book of my fictional autobiography. JF is my futuristic fictional autobiography and it's Book fifteen. Now you get it? I'm thinking that Book 16 would be cool as an interactive manga. I can't tell you anything else.

MLK Day was okay. There was a lot of PeoPle there. They weren't honoring MLK very well with their words though. It makes me sad to see PeoPle who should know what's going on talking and acting like the enemy. The enemy? Well, I don't have any enemies, but freedom is their enemy, and freedom is my friend, thus we have a conflict of interest. But anyway, I'll exPlain more if you e-mail me. If you don't, I can't guarantee that I'll exPlain what ticked me off at the workshoP.

Tomorrow_at_9_AM,_I'm_getting_a_new_fn_keyboard. _I_know_exactly_what_I'm_going_to_do_with_this_one _if_don't_break_it_into_a_billion_Pieces...

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