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Creation Date: 2002-01-22
This body will be the most used part in Scene 5. You'll see why when we get there. It was a tough job, but someone has to do it. Since I have no helpers or support, it's up to me. So, this started out with a low polygon, high detail vector graphic in Corel Draw. I intentionally exaggerated the features because I wanted it to look like a human form. It actually started out as a girl, but it ended up being far too bulky. So instead of messing around for an hour to make it look girlish, I decided to make it more manly. So I pulled in the hips, mellowed the angles of the chest, and messed with the arms. There were plenty of problems with the original. Since it was a front view, it left an awful job for the side view when I got to MS3d. Simply enough, I just traced the Corel Draw Vector Graphic into MS3D (a very easy process, I might add). Then I extruded it, capped the back, mirrored for both sides. Then I had a 3d person, who had a flat front and back. So I brought the sides in and out, back and forth. In MS3D, you just get used to pulling vertexes where they ought to be using the side view, front view, and guess and check. I assume that 3D Studio MAX 3, 4, Character Studio, etc have stuff like bezier spines, but in MS3D, you can't cop out like that. It's quality low-poly or the road. In the latest version of MS3D, Mete introduced my favorite new function, split 3 and split 4. The split 4 isn't very good, but from time to time, it does the job with a push here, a shove there, and a few added faces. Split 3 made those legs. I had an awful pair of legs and I was about to delete the entire thing when I remembered split 3. So I split two of the faces into 6. Then I deleted four faces and joined the vertices. I'm sure that if you use split 3, you also use this method. It essentially splits 2 faces into 4, very useful when you you have something flat and you want it curvy such as my legs. Hehehe, errm, that's a grammatical error. I have uncurvy legs, but my model has curvy legs (just look!). Anyway, push this vert, pull that vert, a couple regroups and here you have it. The problem was that I didn't have time to make a texture, so the stupid shirt and pants look like they're black satin. *punches himself* No on in JF wears black satin.

Talking about getting there, I promised Scene 4 a long time ago. Sorry that I've been slacking. I'll do it this week I promise.

Sixty-one pages adds up to five pages of twelve. It's hard to believe that I've done this sixty-one of sixty three days. If you haven't looked at the archives, check it out. You have sixty good reasons.

I did a bit more on that idea of yesterday and if want to take a look, be sure to e-mail me. Click here to see it.
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