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Creation Date: 2002-01-24
Ah yes, 2:26 AM gives me another Making Of. You, lucky person get to see something very cool coming together and learn from it. Of course, the guy here doesn't have a head, but using AltSci Relative Face Manipulation System, MS3D, and Lith Unwrap, I'll have a head before you can ask "Scene Five next week?". The main part of this is the gun even though the skeleton is important and almost nothing was done to the gun, the gun is still more important. I'll give the thematic background in the third paragraph. The gun is found somewhere else. Do you remember our friend Sammuel and the Gang Members at the Rave? This gun without a skin was the gun that the Gang Leader was going to use on Sammy. Yes, Jav stole that gun away and the guy here is using a gun of the same manufacturer to shoot you. Heheh. Well, the gun *is* pointed at you, isn't it? And you can see it going off. If I had time to make a movie, I'd show you how awesome it looks. He cocks the gun, and fires a round. The feet do a little shuffling and there we go. One big thing is that this model has excellent skeleton. When the shoulders move, it doesn't mess up the arms. The hands work well, the legs don't get disfigured. The chest doesn't get messed up either. I think this is definitely my best mesh/skeleton combination yet. But the gun took about 10x as long as the skeleton. That's why I say the gun is more important. You see, I downloaded this program, Lith Unwrap and it's the bomb. It does perfect texturizing. In fact, from now on, that's all I'm going to use for textures. It works so well that I'm quite amazed. The gun uses a 256x256 Texture and has 46 vertices and 84 triangles. It's a marvel of low poly design. It's simple, it's curves are not very hard to make, but it signifies a gun from a mile away. Up close you can see, indeed this is a gun. Check out Lith Unwrap if you do anything with textured 3d models. It's definitely the most professional program that I've seen with stability, aesthetics, and mathematical prowess even though it's a tad slow. I'm not sure why it's slow, but I assume that there's something deep going on in it that isn't quite optimized (perhaps the line drawing function is drawing each line a hundred times?). Anyway, it gets the job done. I just selected the faces from the 3d perspective preview model (I wish MS3d had that feature), set the preview mode to bottom/side/top/front, click the menu Tool, UV Mapping, Camera, repeat six or fewer times. Then I export to BMP and I texture it. Then I'm done. I did the gun texture in MS Paint. Heheh. It still turned out okay considering!

It's not late, since it is finished towards the end of my day (4 AM) rather than the beginning (7:30 AM). Hehehe. The truth is that I fell asleep at 7 PM. Oddly enough. I was reading Two Towers, the sequel to The Lord of the Rings and I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Hmm... Maybe I just didn't want to face the fact that I have homework to do. Tomorrow... Another reason is that I'm freezing my ass off. My room must be twenty degrees below zero. Kelvin... Ugh. Part of that is my lack of blood circulation, but I shouldn't have to wiggle my toes while I do serious stuff on the computer. Click those two links if you dare. You're getting a special insight into JF for your trouble.

If you've read up on JF history, you know that the UN has become a one world government / new world order. They have implemented totalitarianism and oppression of all the Earth. A few anarchists still resist in small groups around the world. Anarchist live in clusters where they do their own thing and try to keep out of the UN's eyes and ears. That's not what anarchists are supposed to do (freedom to express one's self is of very high value) so one community overtook the UN for a very short time during riots in LA and took back their freedom on condition that they keep quiet. In 2014, the community has only beek working for two years. People have lived in peace not isolated from the rest of the world, but rather just more free than their surroundings. So then the fact that this headless model is brandishing a gun and firing it, you know that shit is going to fly. Scene 5 is going to be awesome, watch for it!

In other news, I came up with an awesome idea for the end of JF. As you may know, I have already written all of JF. However, the details are far from finished. In fact, I didn't like it very much. I was wondering whether the comic would fail on it's own merits not including the fact that my low poly 3d is not at professional quality yet. It's not even up there with medium quality comics. It is better than low quality stuff, but why should I compare my work to junk? Well, anyway, I can guarantee that this high quality model and animation is the beginning of JF becoming good. In six months, I plan to finish JF and begin JF Final. JF Final will be a redo of the entire comic. Especially Scene 1-3... In six months, if I have improved half as much as I have in the previous six months, the models will be spectacular. Then, I'll just copy the models, change the textures to be correct. Then I'll make it professional-looking and I'll sell it as a graphic novel (using the copy shop), CD, and downloadable site. I'll charge ~$20 for the novel, ~$5-$10 for the CD, and ~$10 for the downloadable. The CD will have all the "Making Of" on it and the website will have the "Making Of" on it for free for those who want to download. That will likely be finished in one month. Then, using the JF Final data, I'll make an anime of it for low-quality download, hi-quality DivX CD, DVD, and VHS. Again, the prices will be the same DVD and VHS for ~$20, ~$5-$10 for CD and ~$10 for the download. Then I'm going to follow up with my projects that I've thought of since I started JF. I have about a dozen. It's amazing what kind of creativity I can conjure up any time of the day/week/month/year. *shrug*
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