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Creation Date: 2002-01-26
This is the second floor of Sensei's Apartment. A lot of stuff is going to happen here. How did I make it? This is quite a lesson. I took a big box. I duplicated it and scaled it vertically by 0.3 and in the XZ-plane by 0.98. I duplicated that twice and that returned a three story building interior. I then took all three of those and flipped all the faces. That makes it look correctly for the indoors. That's what's needed for the ceiling and floor. Then I added the thing on the left. It's just a duplicate of that floor scaled to become the negative of a c-shaped hallway. Then I added the door on the right. That was easy, a few extrudes made it no problem(extrude five and move negative five, scale X 10% gives you a door). The stairs are something else, though. First off, as you can see it's a ramp instead of stairs. I'm going to texture it with lines. Call me lazy, but stairs are not as easy as they sound. If I was crazy like a fox, I'd subdivide the stairs, but I'm not. First off, there's a problem with three closed boxes (floor 1, 2, and 3) being connected since holes don't grow on boxes in MS3D. Maybe they should, but that's a discussion for Mete. Likely he'll say "Let them eat cake," even though he tries his best to please his users. The reason for that is the structure of MS3D being that of create vertices and change them rather than click a button and get a bunch of vertices that you don't want (which is the motto of every 3d program out there except MS3D). Anyway, my solution was simple. I extruded the side of the building and pulled that where it should be. It's more of a temporary fix than a permanent solution, but if I want perfect and extensible, I'll redo it all instead of redoing it all. Hehehe. So, I have my extruded stairway. I do it on all three stories of the building, delete the bottom of the third, bottom and top of the second, and top of the first. You see why, right? It's so that I can connect the three boxes into one box. It works well. Next up was the stairs. That was pretty easy. I duplicated the top of the stairway box and moved it to the position. I squished it and extruded a square out of it. Then I pulled the second square down to midway in the stairwell. You can't see it now, but there's a flat place on the ramp switchback. Anyway, I duped that rotated it 90 degrees around the Y-axis and moved it into place. Then I was on to the last part: the railing. The railing was actually easy and fun. I started with a box. I pulled one end of the box down the flight of stairs and then I had the railing. But the inbetweens are important to. As you see, the place where the two join is the coolest thing ever. I extruded the box horizontally to get a 90 degree angle. Then I extruded another time and then another 90 degree angle. Then when I was at the bottom of the stairs I decided to switch it up. I made a 45 degree angle from my 90 degree angle by pulling and attaching vertices instead of extruding 90 degree angles. I like it.

So now we have the second and third floors of Sensei's Apartment for Scene 5. What is left? Without giving too much away, I need wall textures, fake doors textures, seven or so people, an SUV (perhaps I'll use the one from Scene 1), and a bunch of stuff that is confidential. Watch out, Scene 5 is going to be wild!

You thought that after missing two Making Of Pages, I'd simply stop doing them completely, right? Don't lie. You pray for the end of JF just like I pray for rain ("and I'm praying for tidal waves..." --Tool "Aenima"). Well, the last two days of no Making Of is just me trying to make it clear that Scene 4 is done and up. Two pages of silly little unimportant stuff going on.. You know from Scene 3 that Jav doesn't sleep and you know also from Scene 3 that Jav is in love with a girl who he's never met who is "beautiful as the sun". But this scene means more to me than reiteration, it's showing you how important things are to Jav. He's a very analytical guy and he uses his ability to judge situations and ideas so as to not judge people. I try to do this myself, yet fall short often. We see in Scene 1, 2, 3, and 4 this trait. Jav does not pick out a specific warehouse to raid. He raids warehouses whenever he hears about them. He doesn't take no for an answer and he certainly doesn't mince words. He told those kids the truth in Scene 4 and what evil became of it? He saved a friend's life. All in a night's work for your local resident superhero. In Scene 3, it's more subtle. Sensei is a more subtle person and I tried to show that. But Jav does some quick thinking on his toes and tells his ideals of love and justice. Certainly love and justice are good concepts in an anarchy in 2014 or a totalitarian nation in 2002. Scene 4 show's Jav's drive and flightyness. He doesn't sleep because he's so busy. But what is he busy with? He's making a larger-than-life size mural about love.

That's where I come slightly closer to Jav in my life. You may or may not know that I am a physicist, web developer, artist, and inventor of duct tape murals. I am creator and owner of the two only duct tape murals in the world to my knowledge. The first is "Got Love" and the second is "Gally Saves Jav from Zalem Tubes" (BTW, the pic is not very good quality since it's in my bedroom and it's 9 feet x 14 feet making a bad angle). I'm thinking of more (perhaps one of JF) for later. The first one is especially dear to me since I made it on Thanksgiving directly before the WTO protests. The second one took about 9 hours straight for Jav (on my dorm house floor) and 7 hours for Gally (in my Mom's apartment floor).
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