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Creation Date: 2002-01-27
Okay, what do I have for you tonight? Well, it's a pair of AltSci Goggles. Remember Scene 1? If you understood it (which you probably shouldn't unless you read the unreadable rant below it and the Character Page), then you probably understood that AltSci Tactical Goggles are very cool things indeed. This pair is just my company logo. Company? Ya, for silly reasons, I like to say AltSci Concepts instead of I. It all started when I bought altsci.com. It's not up right now (because Network Solutions says that I don't own it), but it used to be cool and it's going to be awesome when I sue the fsck out of Network Solutions. Hindering creativity is a crime in JF's anarchy while hindering capitalism is a crime in America. Either way you look at it, they're going to pay for fscking over AltSci.com. Back to the AltSci Goggles. The model is very very old. Back when I couldn't do a decent human model. Errm, maybe I should say I couldn't do a model half as decent as the current models. Anyway, you might see it here if you looked. But there's a major difference. I used LithUnwrap to make it sweet. Then I changed the skin look cool. It actually looks kinda funky, but cool funky I think. Tell me what you think of the funkiness.

Using bbMPeG aka AVI2MPG2 from Digital Digest, I made a mpg and using Virtual Dub also, I made super-compressed movie of the "Making Of" JF story. I'm going to put an mp3 voice-over soon, so this is next week's "Making Of" or something. Download the low-quality movie or watch it below. What does this remind you of? Perhaps lucky number thirty-eight will show you the way.

About this movie, I just took five screenshots, made a macro in Corel Photo-Paint so that I can get the exact solid position. It worked okay. Then I made a text file with the names of the bitmaps and loaded it in AVI2MPG2. The text file had to repeat the names about 30 times to get a second per frame. That was annoying, but I guess that's all I can hope for. For my video, I'm going to do a voice-over and I'm going to put some inbetween shots of jav's mouth. I'm also going to add some fun stuff. Remember that I control each of Jav's bones in six degrees of freedom. I only use 3 usually (X, Y, and Z rotation), but that's enough to make Jav do a jig.

Also, I decided to make a few logos. The official JF logo: and the official AltSci Concepts logo are ready for linking. Link http://javantea.com/ if you would since I ought to lose the students.wa.edu/jvoss/ in five months (before I end JF). Likely, javantea.com will point to javantea.keenspace.com, but KeenSpace is slow so not yet. Perhaps by then, I will have ditched MSN (BTW, MSN/Qwest have earned my utmost sincere hatred through the worst service I've ever seen in the history of communications) and gotten a real ISP and served JF on my kicking W2K Pro server. ^-^ ASP/XML are sweet, btw. No FTP. If I really wanted to, I could install a static webserver onto my server since JF is fine with static pages, but I just like the idea of not worrying about lame stuff like htm files not being moved correctly.

If you've gotten this far, you're obviously as bored as me. But that's okay. How was my weekend? I went running on Thursday morning which was the official start of my weekend. I did my homework at 8 PM Thursday. I was hypnotized by my yellow pad through all of friday's classes. I came up with another AltSci Physics Lesson for Programmers. It's better than Bezier. Ya, cool huh? Well, I came home and did a bit of work on that. I went to see Metropolis at the Varsity Theater. It was a decent movie, but characters were too chubby for me as well as the plot being fuzzy. It was worth my $5.25 and my time, but Fi-Fi stole the show imho. Then I did a bit of JF making of. I fell asleep early and got up early (a really bad omen for what's to come in Jav's Book 8). I decided to go skateboarding. I took my skateboard down to Ravenna Park and grinded a bit. I haven't gone skateboarding for a long time. Man it felt good. I let go of my hatred for a little bit and did a bit of physics. Physics tries to explain nature while some say that skateboarders try to defy physics. The truth is that skateboarders cannot defy physics, but rather use the harder physics at a high rate of accuracy to make good moves. I did one or two that amazed myself. A 180 ollie to dirt transfer to grind (my own specialty involving a slight hill and elevated gravelly road). Saturday night was lame. Today was slow, I played Anarchy Online. Don't tell my mom and dad.

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