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Creation Date: 2002-01-30
Hmmm, Odd picture isn't it? Jav with mouth open and green curves spewing forth from his mouth. Drink too much Heiniken? No, Jav does not drink alcohol. Those green curves are my visualization of attacking waveforms. I can't say much about them that won't spoil the comic. We know that Jav is a bard and that his powers are not in martial arts alone. More on that in the next paragraph. We better give you a lesson before you throw a fit. Well, that's what I did. I was drawing a character in Corel Draw and it got worse and worse until it was a girl and then it was a guy, but it was an ugly guy and then it was a very ugly girl. I kept going until I got to the arms. I thought: fsck no, not another number fifty-seven! So I threw the bezier curve away and it was a decent curve. I thought, hey, let's try that curve. So I continue to abuse my mouse and suddenly I have a wave. It wasn't what it is now, though. So I filled it with a color. That made it worse. So I copied and pasted it to make it flat 3d. Sure, why not? So I changed the color. Not too good. Let's make the top layer transparent. We all know how to make stuff transparent ever since Jav beat up that riot cop, right? If you don't remember, take the part that is supposed to be transparent and make it a lighter shade of the sky color, push it to the back of the scene, intersect it with each background piece (ie. the cop), and make the color of the intersected thing a mix of the original color of the background object and the transparent object. Cool, huh? So what is this supposed to be again? Well, it's just a profile view of a wave that is going to kick a few arses.

Now, we can talk about waves. You remember that sweet setup I had that made the damascus blade? I did a bit of messing around with the code and added a checkbox that switched from points to solid lines. It doesn't do any random stuff, rather very methodical stuff. At least when it's in or near certain nodes... You see, waves are pretty weird. It's tough to understand how they work, but you can learn about waves in Physics 123 on your own. Sin waves go up and down at a certain frequency. These pictures were made with a pair of sine waves adding. Of course, then you think about the pixels on the screen as another frequency. Then you get a certain pattern when two of those frequencies work together or against each other. Anyway, I promise that at least one of these patterns will show up in JF Scene 5. Can you see where the previous noise patterns were used?
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Being able to attack and defend with one's hands and feet is an admirable ability, but it can only be used in times of conflict. Many people feel the need to attack for no reason or for retaliation or hatred or money [see Osama Bin Laden, United States Military, WTO, etc]. But it is the job of those who are called superheros to defend those who are being attacked. But hands and feet do not always work. In fact, I'm certain that defending yourself against the US military with your hands and feet will end you up in a shallow grave. Indeed the defense you have against the US military is the people behind it. Those people who fire the weapons can be stopped. Those people who tell the people to fire the weapons can be stopped. The people who push the red fucking button in the White House can be taken into the street and verbally assaulted. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" Indeed, to stop those fucking idiots you need some of these: verbal assault, massive dissent, public property destruction, and monetary sabotage. I think that list does more than a hundred thousand hands punching and feet kicking. I'd say that the last might be the most important, but I haven't decided what it's exact definition is. I'll think about it.

To recap: attacking is done by evil people, defending is done by heroes, and defending can be done in more ways than physical (talking, non-violent action, and lifestyle). That's pretty simplified, but it can be applied pretty well.

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