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Creation Date: 2002-02-01
Aha, another one right when you didn't expect it. This isn't Scene 5 material because I'm in a bad mood. Scene 6 it is and it's all you'll get from me tonight. So, what is it about? Well, you might remember me saying that vertex-by-vertex is the way to go for good models. Well, this is a contradiction. To make this model, I extruded a 1 stack, 6 slick cylinder from the hand to wrist, to elbow, to mid bicep, to shoulder, and to neck. Then I messed around a bunch with the faces and added another row for the chest. Then I duplicated, mirrored, regrouped, and welded each vertex. Not too bad, eh? Well, then I just started pulling vertices each which way. For curvier breasts I did a few "Split 3" operations. That's a nifty function along with the "Flip Edge" operation. It can get annoying from time to time and hard to fix when I mess up, but it works 95% of the time. I messed around with the specular and emissive color on the model. You might notice if you use it yourself. Most people don't use it because it's uses insane amount of processing to do it dynamically. But I say that's a bunch of baloney. You see, if we use fewer polygons and fewer vertices, the lighting calculations are quicker. Thus, specular calculations makes up for a lack of polygons and has a cool effect all it's own.

Also, something I haven't talked about much is static lighting. Of course, I myself don't use static lighting, but I suggest it to those people who make their own maps. You see, I made AltSci3D Terrain Works to make a terrain from a BMP heightmap. With Version 2.0, I'm adding an easier interface (almost complete) and the ability to add buildings (need a bit of debugging one of these days), and even neighborhoods (needs a lot of debugging). With that, I can make version 2.1 which will do lightmaps. That ought to be the cat's meow. You see, if I do the lighting calculations when I make the map, I don't have to dynamically light those buildings. Thus, I only have to dynamically light the people thus increasing the framerate dramatically when using a bunch of lights and a bunch of people. When that is done, AS3D TW 2.1 will be marketable. Already, AS MP 1.4 is ready for market and AS3D MD 1.22 is ready for BETA. You see, JF isn't just a one time project. When JF is done, I or another person could easily make another completely different manga. With different styles of textures, lighting, and modelling out there, there's an infinite amount of possibilities for this technology. I hope I'm showcasing it pretty well. From conception without skills to Scene 4 in 1 year is something few people can brag about. About 30% of JF has been writing the 3d engine. It wasn't and isn't easy, but once it's solid, it'll be a piece of cake. I'd say 60% of my development has gone into the models and textures. Once I have a good set of them, I can make them solid and just change the faces, clothes, and animations. The other 10% have been just "Making Of" and the website. Those were simple enough. But what I'm trying to get across is that this system has a definitely good future. When I finish, it'll crank out a page per 3 hours at 10x the quality of current stuff. Not to mention instant 3d full-motion anime that I'm developing alongside the system. When JF Final is out in stores (in less than a year from now), JF 3D Anime will be less than a year from the shelves. I'm not kidding, this is going to change the entertainment world. Everyone and their Siamese cats are going to be making 3d anime. What software will they use? AltSci3D Anime Director/Producer, certainly.

I finished reading Two Towers, the sequel to JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. What a book. What a, book. What, a book? What?! A book?! What, a... book. What? Ahhhhhh! Book. What! Ahhhh! Book! Errm, so what was I saying. I was saying that the book was very interesting. I honestly had to stop reading for a while because I couldn't take the horror of Mordor. In fact, most of the second book is horrifying. From the beginning to end, this book is terrifying. But it sure is subtle with it's terror. In fact, I was afraid of reading each next page worrying that something awful would happen. But in fact, it was hardly very gory until the end. In fact, I cannot think of one place after the first thirty pages or before the last 30 pages where something actually was threatening. If someone wants to quickly skip that book, the can read the first thirty and last thirty and then the synopsis of the next book, The King Returns. That's the next on my to read list.

So, my Physics midterms went okay. I wasn't as prepared as I could've been, but now I know what I lack and need to pick up on for the more important tests next week. I think I still did well when you factor in the average.

My advisor says that I can't graduate until after summer. It seems that we weren't quite clear on what I needed so I ended up with 24 credits to take next quarter. If I would've taken a VLPA last quarter or this quarter I would've been able to graduate in June. Man that sucks. Some might blame her or some might blame me. I'm just not going to play be blame game. It's me who has to make up for it, so it's me who gets to choose who gets the blame: no one.

I guess you can say that my bad mood has been caused by messed up stuff. I didn't sleep much last night. It was perfect for the midterms. I tried to go to sleep and I went from tossing and turning to anger to unconscious rambling to nightmare to tossing and turning to nightmare and finally to sleep at 6:30. I woke up at 7:30 for class. Grr... It's all my fault, too. I dunno how exactly, but I know it's my fault. "Tear me in two, and bore a little hole that I can see right through. Your diversion is my depression. Take me apart, suck my blood until you stop my heart. You ain't come to my progression, and then you save me..." --Stroke9 "Tear Me In Two"
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