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Creation Date: 2002-07-03
What about this super-punch? Well, Jav's going to start using these super-punches more often. He learned them a little while back. The cool thing about super-punches is that when they strike, it condenses water in such a way that it looks pretty cool. No special effects, no smoke in mirrors. You can do this with a little science trick. Just boil water and put a lid on it. Steam will rise. What you see is not water vapor, but rather water vapor condensing into water. You see, water vapor is completely invisible. It's all around us in the air we breathe. With Jav's super-punches, he hits so hard and so fast that the fist compresses air to high pressure, the person flies so fast that the air expands, cooling it (due to thermodynamics) leaving super-heated water vapor that turns into super-cooled water for less than a millisecond. Of course, you see it in the picture as a translucent object when really it's just water.

Original post:
First things first. Thanksgiving was wonderful, props to Vikki, Dillon, Willow, Shan, Don, Jayda and Ericka. It was a lot of fun talking, playing games, and doing stuff with you. If you're reading this now, then I've successfully turned you onto "Javantea's Fate", my web comic. Also props to Grandma, Mom, and Terry for the hook-up and for understanding how important Seattle is to me. Not to worry, I'll spend some time this Winter with you. Fans of JF should note that when I'm not in Seattle, I become an idea machine, but not a productive machine. For example: in Spokane, I came up with a bunch of ideas for things to do with JF and afterwards. However, in Seattle, I came up with JF and built the 3d engine that it uses. Oh also, props to cousin Cassie for inviting me to Thanksgiving. If Vikki didn't invite me first, I would've been so happy to go to Thanksgiving with you. Your kind invitation made me a quite happy person.

Next, I want to apologize to those who check this every MWF. You few people who manage to show up when I do not should be ashamed of yourself for not writing me. If you would put a few seconds per hour that you spend reading JF into writing me, I'd be telling you to stop e-mailing me by now. But I won't complain. I'm happy that JF is going at all, let alone getting people reading it. What's the beef you'd like to know, I bet. Well, I'm brooding over my loss of graphic user interface. I hooked up the screenshot to the F12 button, so now it isn't quite so hard to work with. But it still isn't as fun as it used to be. Making characters has stopped due to my extreme lack of will. Making a decent dojo was sidestepped. So I don't want to do Page 2 or 3 of Scene 3 without three more characters and an outdoors plus sign for sensei's dojo. That might take a few hours. A few hours is what I do not have. Wait a sec, then when am I writing this? Errm... Spare time?

I guess that I've decided to take it slow on JF. I'm going to be giving you chaps good stuff every MWF that I have a computer at my disposal (last Wednesday and Friday, I was doing Thanksgiving stuff). My news will contain a huge rant. I'll have some odd-looking picture up every week with a description in the news. I'm pushing my beloved Scene 3 back to next Monday. I'll work on it this Saturday and you'll see some good stuff going on. Scene 4 will be incredible and will include a huge mural on the scale of "Got Love" and "Gally Saves Jav from Zalem Tubes". But this one will be 3d and futuristic. You'll see. I'm going to try for that on the Monday after next. That way, you'll get a Scene per week. But Scene 5 will take two or three weeks. One week will be just preparing. The other two weeks will solid MWF. Why do I promise such? Because I'm going on Winter break in three weeks. Yes, I have it planned and everything.

If you think that I'm just slacking off, you should see my new plan for Scene 25! Or maybe you should see it when it's done. Ya, better wait six months. It's going to be pretty cool. I came up with the idea walking home from Safeway today. You see, I bought too much heavy stuff. So I'm lugging three plastic bags that must weight forty pounds. It's only five blocks, but it was torture. Well, we all know that inspiration comes directly from pain. !--Computer error--! An error deleted the rest of this paragraph. No, really. My computer is fscked up beyond belief. I didn't delete this. I'm just too tired to rewrite it. It was long and gave away key plot points. I'm just going to let it be.


I really went for the gold on last Monday's news. Check out these two awful frigging errors:

The Safeway on Brooklyn of the U District closes at 2 AM. Chevron is open later if you can get past a scary looking dog. Chevron has no sustainable food. Powerbars are good enough, disaster averted.

When I said gun advocate, I meant gun-control advocate. Seeing that they're both on the same side - the wrong side, I might suggest - it's easy to get them confused. A gun-control advocate who is a wasteful car user is a hypocrite. A person can be a gun advocate and a wasteful car user. Although being a wasteful car user is a much worse crime indeed. A machine-gunner would be similar to a wasteful car user. A gun advocate would be similar to a car sympathizer (don't tell me that they don't exist, I know of millions, they just are in the closet about it).

Really, a pacifist ought to seek justice for murder of the entire human race (via cars) before they seek justice for murder of Afghanis. However, we can do something right now about the murder of Afghanis (not to say that we can't do anything about wasteful car users). End the war on terrorism, we must. Not only must we stop because of the people we are hurting now, but the people we will be hurting later and the people who will be hurt in response on this terrible war.

You see, the war on terrorism is possibly the worst idea that these half-brains have come up with. I'll give you the info on it, point by point.

1. First off, any murder is wrong. The terrorist act on September 11, 2001 was terrible. It is deplorable that over five thousand non-combatants in a war on the other side of the globe were murdered. It is just as deplorable that thousands of Arabs have been killed by US soldiers in the Middle East as well as around the globe. There really is no place where US soldiers have not killed someone. In fact, US soldiers have killed non-combatant Arabs as well. I believe that this is half of the provocation of this attack.

2. Why do I say half? Americans kill Arabs in many other ways than just with US soldiers. Big business and globalization are legally allowed to murder thousands of non-combatants around the world. The WTO reaps what it sows, we know this. They sow murder of civilian children in third world countries and they reap murder of world trade center employees. The WTO commits no less murder than US soldiers do when they murder non-combatants. As a rational pacifist, we must understand that there is no difference between murder of people. I'd like to say that the WTO has picked the worst reason for murder: money.

3. I'm not done quite yet. What is the natural response to violence? Violence is, of course! One simple non-pacifist reason for non-violence is the simple fact that retaliation is highly likely (unless they are pacifists). I mean, look at my first point. Provocation by murder. September 11 was a retaliation, not a first blow. The fact is that our enemies are logical human beings. Infantile reactionaries (the same as those who orchestrated the acts of violence) try to portray Osama Bin Laden as some type of inhuman monster. This is a flat out lie. Want proof? I got your proof right here. "American Airlines Flight 11 flew directly over the #1 terrorist target in the U.S. -- Indian Point's 3 Nuclear Power Plants which are only 24 miles north of NYC. More than 20 million people would prematurely die and the land would become a wasteland forever. So, are we dealing with benevolent terrorists?" [1] The answer is: yes. Osama bin Laden wants a nuclear holocaust as much as each and every human on Earth (except Josh Ott of Spokane, Washington, USA) does. Which is to say that he does not want a nuclear holocaust. He is not a monster, he is the same infantile reactionary that we find supporting a war on terrorism here in the US. In reaction to US murdering his people, he murders US people. In reaction to the murder of US people, we kill his people. Is he going to stop? As soon as we do. Some people say that we should assassinate Osama bin Laden. Even rational people know that we cannot. You see, he would become a martyr. Not only would we prove that he was right to his supporters, we'd prove that he was right to ourselves. We would lose the war with his murder alone. We all know the power of a martyr, right? Killing Osama bin Laden would create a thousand Osama bin Ladens all over the world, including the manager of a US nuclear power plant. Terrorists wouldn't even need knives and a plane, they'd just need to go in to work one day and push the large red button. That is if we think that Osama bin Laden is a monster enough to assassinate him.

4. I'm not done yet? No! Of course not. That was just a pacifist justification. The war on terrorism does not stop there! Congress and our illegitimate president have just passed into law the end of the Bill of Rights. Indeed, my words here are illegal under that act. I assume that they won't find me with their electronic tampering (look up Carnivore) since I'm not extremely popular, but when they do, I can expect years of jail time without parole, without a trial, without due process, without speedy trial, without justice, and likely without food, water or bathroom. It sounds like I'm back in the trenches of the Seattle WTO conference. Lo and behold, it's still the WTO that I'm protesting. These capitalists need to find a new job! They keep trying to destroy the world around me for no good reason and it's starting to piss me off. Oh, and get this: they tried to add a silly little sunset clause and then when we shouted at how hypocritical they are, they took it out. There is no sunset. What is sunset? Sunset means that they have to rethink this whole Constitution thing in 4 years. Instead, they show their true unhypocritical self: totalitarian facists. If they really want globalization and facism that badly, I have two words for them: civil disobedience. It makes them shit their pants every time they see it.


[1] Attack on America.com is a fairly reliable source. I guess it won't impress many skeptics, but people who like interesting conspiracy theories, take note. They use the theory of: "follow the fat rich white guy" which was explained in Rush Hour 2 by Chris Rock. If you haven't seen the movie, I'll give you a clue: whenever bullets are flying, you are bound to find a rich white guy that is profiting from it. He'll be easy to spot because whenever bullets fly, white people hit the deck, but those who do not have something to do with it. Follow his money trail and simply enough, you'll find the reason why so many people must die. Greed sucks. I'm not saying that I believe everything on AoA's website, but I cannot help but add 2 and 2 together.
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