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Creation Date: 2002-02-03
Ah, you didn't think I'd make it. But I did. This is the lesson for 2/2/2002 or 2/3/2002 if you think about relative time and viewership habits. I'll get to that later. For now, let's marvel at this little puke of a picture. It started out as a geosphere. Remember how I told you last time that sometimes extruding and manipulating of normal objects can make good meshes? Well, this is another example. It looks like heck, right? Well, I didn't do much to it other than splitting four faces, flipping a few edges, and moving almost every vertex. The idea is that you have a sphere that has vertices at regular intervals. It works well for construction, especially 6 mile diameter domes, but heads? Not very well. I messed around with it and got a face type thing going. Then the eyes went wacky. So I tried to fix it and it ended up with crazy looking bugeyes. So I did a bit of messing with it and it turned into glasses. So I selected the faces and regrouped and gave it a 90% black material. Not too bad, right? The mouth looks awful, but oh well. 58 vertices and 100 faces. Pretty decent for such a complex face. The back of the head is much better than usual. It's completely ready for realistic looking hairdo.

Tonight I went to a speech by JP Moreland, the philosopher and it was incredible. I really liked his arguments and he gave me some good stuff to work on. My friends JoAnne and Pat took me as well as a friend of theirs all the way up to Everett. I commented that our trip tonight was the second furthest that I've gone since I moved to Seattle. The furthest was to Harstene Island for Thanksgiving. But the speech was really great. JP Moreland makes the point that Christians should not believe in God and Jesus by faith alone, but by reason. The same logic that provides us with science provides us with an excellent knowledge of a loving caring God, creator of the universe and everything in it. His main point was that during the 1800s, the Awakening actually did more harm to Christianity than perhaps the dark ages. Since then, secular forces have taken the universities, public schools, the media, and government. Note that Separation of Church and State was added to the Constitution before the 1800s for the purpose of keeping the government from controlling the church. However, it was used by atheists to secularize schools after the 1800s.

And now for some calculations and some ideas. This idea is quite interesting. I came up with it while reading the first chapter of The Return of the King, the third book of the Lord of the Rings series by JRR Tolkien. In there, they have Pippin hearing three horn blasts to announce the third hour after sunrise. It got me thinking. Why do we have classes that start at 8:30 AM? I end up waking up at 7:30 AM just before sunrise. If the class started at Sunrise+1, I could wake up at the cock's crow, right? So, my plan is to put midnight at sunrise. But that means that midnight would change. The days would still be 24 hours, but it relies on sunrise. But that means that the time would change dramatically over how far North or South you are. Fine, we can actually use simple addition and multiplication to get the sunset time from latitude and longitude. In fact, it'll be much better than the current time zone system. Everyone will say their time in relative to the sun's position in the sky. But what about people in Europe vs. people in the US. That is why I propose that we ditch the hour system. Instead, we can count the angle of the sun. Thus, the 24 hour day is split into 360 degrees. The night would be 180 and the day would be 180. That's only true if you live at the equator. Those of us north or south have different days according to the day of the year. So we need something to relate the day of the year. No problem, it's a very simple calculation. Think a second, 360 degrees per day means 360 degrees/day * 1 day/24 hours=15 degrees per hour. In radians, 15 degrees would be pi/12 radians. Uh oh, I think we got something here... 24 hours per day, 2 pi radians per day. 24*pi/12 radians per day. That means that we have a parallel with the pi/12 to an hour. That is perfect because people can remember this stuff. Ya. But I propose a few more changes. A parallel to the minute would be a degree/4. I know how messed up a day can get. When you go to sleep right before sun up and get up after noon or get up before sun up and go to sleep after midnight. With this system, it's perfect. If you get up an hour before dawn, you say "negative pi twelfths". If you go to sleep an hour after dawn, you say "two pi and pi twelfths". So if you work days like that, you can just subtract the numbers to get the number of radians that you worked. It's like military time, but extended past midnight. If you are really messed up and don't sleep for three days, you'll be working your sixth pi. But if you want, you can use degrees instead and say, "I woke up negative fifteen degrees." or "I went to sleep at 375 degrees."

Then, we need the high precision tool for those studying motion in Physics 121: the beat. There are 100,000 beats per day, do the math and you get ~1.5 beats per second. Why is this better? Well, we physicists always have these meters/second things and we always need to extrapolate to find Gigameters/year or something like that. It gets way too lame trying to calculate that 60*60*24*365 stuff. I want a to use 1E+5 to convert from seconds to days. But I'm not going to stop there.

The year and month needs to be split up differently. The year is fine because it goes with the rotation around the sun. We ditch the leap year etc and we just give people a free couple of hours each year. The reality is that leap year is just for us silly people, but really it messes up one out of four years. It really changes the season by a full day. I'm sick of the current system, so I'm changing it. The seasons will stay the same: 4 seasons per year. We'll have 16 months per year. 22.3 days per month. It no longer has to do with the moon cycles. If people want to find the moon cycle, get a moon log from an astronomy table. People will no longer be able to howl at the moon when they get their monthly paycheck. Heheh. Weeks will stay how they are. Notice how the weeks don't fit into months by one day. That's not a bad thing. In fact, all you need to do to get the right day of the week for the day of the month is add one day per month. Say that the 30th of June is a Friday, right? Then the 30th of October will be four days after Friday which is Tuesday. Not that it's all too important, but it helps.

Anyway, you see a system here, right? Well, the truth is that this system would be really good on any planet with an orbit and a rotation. A Mars colony would likely use this system since the terrestrial system is terrible for telling time and date on Mars. A space ship that is rotating on it's axis (to get 24 hours of sunlight) as well as rotating around a counterweight (for artificial gravity) would be able to use this system perfectly since sunrise and sunset is calculatable.

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