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Creation Date: 2002-02-04
Tonight's lesson is one of futility vs. endurance. Our question is: "Is it worth it to spend a lot of time trying to get something right instead of just doing it half-arsed?" The long answer is that those who set their minds on a subject will ultimately prevail in getting what they want. The short answer is no. Hehe. As you see here, we have the shotty guy from the other night and we have a 3d face with fully usable mouth. In fact, a movie would probably show you that this is better than it seems. But note that Scene 5 will have two of these guys with closed mouth in one 200x200 box and one 200x410 box. I'll also probably have one of these guys in a 200x200 box with mouth open (just to make use of my hard work). Check out the two smallest pictures. That is what it will look like. Anti-aliased, all my work is for naught. I could've put about five minutes into this and gotten what took me an hour and a half. What kind of crap is that? It's the fact that if you want to compile data lossy (anti-aliasing is lossy, of course), you only need a bit of data to make it look right. Putting a lot of time and effort into a few pixels before loss, you'll end up wasting your time entirely. Unless of course, you plan to use it later. I plan to make this an anime, so a movable mouth is good practice at least if not good material for use in the anime. I actually like this model. It started out looking like a guy and then I put the skin on it. I found that the 3d mouth didn't line up with the mouth skin. What's that about? Well, it's easy to mess up position of stuff when you're in 3d. The perspective, the third dimension, etc can mess up by a few inches. When I applied the skin, I looked and decided to move the mouth down. Note how far the nose is from the lip. If you're an artist, you can look in a mirror and look how far your nose is from your lip. It's anime, don't go nuts. The mouth was a major point for me. I wanted to make it look right when it's flapping. That means the lips have to go onto the top and bottom of the mouth hole. Not easy. Secondly, I wanted the mouth to be as rounded as possible. It couldn't be square or even pentagonal, it had to be hexagonal or octogonal. I went for hex and ended up with a weird octagon. It really made me mad more than once. You see, the mouth goes like an misshapen O when open, but then goes flat when it's closed. A grin brings the corners up, a frown brings the corners down, but the middle needs to be in the line of the outer lips. Well, mine didn't work out that way. I couldn't seem to get it right. I know that the lower lip goes down with the jaw and the upper lip curls up, but that didn't help much. It wouldn't do anything that looked right, so I made it into a thin = for closed and an anime-style open mouth. Looking at it, you'd probably say no, but I was going to use LithUnWrap to make the inside of the mouth red, but I am tired. Tomorrow is classes, ya know. You won't see it in Scene 5, but if you buy JF Final or definitely JF Final in 3d Medium, you'll see it big time. JF Anime will make it look really good.

Ugh, another night, another Making Of JF. Tonight I did some thinking. I can't say exactly everything I thought about it because I'm slightly ashamed, but I can say a few interesting thoughts. Anarchy does not mean freedom from government, it means freedom to live how you want to. I'm not going to be able to embrace a revolution until I can know how I want to live my life. A revolution would do nothing for me if I cannot overcome my fear of other people. A good friend told me that a person cannot love others before they love themselves and they cannot be loved by others until they truly love others. To be enslaved by the world is nothing to being enslaved by myself. Here I am on JF talking about love, peace, unity, and anarchy while I'm living the opposite. Hypocrisy is what I'm doing here, but I'm doing it with hope to lose my hypocrisy. Really, I've been fighting something of a war against myself. I know who the enemy is and he looks like me. He hates himself, he hates everyone else, he is paranoid, skeptical, unsociable, and emotional. He is me when I don't eat 4 meals a day. Laugh all you want, but whenever I find myself not eaten lunch by 3 PM, dinner by 7 PM, dinner 2 by 9 PM, I'm throwing myself around and talking nonsense. If I could just get some food that would allow me to work longer without becoming he who hates

More: I downloaded Virtual Dub source code. That ought to be cool. It's C++ and I currently only have 2d AltSci3D (DirectX8) working in C++. The 3D is in there, but it just won't happen. It'll take a few weeks to get the 3D working. Grabbing the back-buffer is very easy for DX8. Then I can use the Virtual Dub Source code to convert a movie a pair of frames at a time into DivX. Then, I'll be able to make an actual 3d anime. Even a short one would prove to the world that AltSci3D Anime is a force to be reckoned with. I think the first short JF 3d anime film will be ready June 1 or so. That's pretty optimistic, but I'm an optimist at times. I just got the 2d C++ AltSci3D working and using my Smooth Path and Accelerated Particle system. It doesn't work very well, but I'm working on it. Soon, I'll be able to move the points around the screen, pull the velocity to where it ought to be, and play a movie. Then it'll save to my choice of uncompressed AVI, DivX (128 kbps, 300 kbps, 900 kbps), or MPEG2 (DVD). Then I'll add a audio system that will play MP3s at cues.

It's not spectacularly far away from now, but it's a ways. Then I have to make perfect keyframes. That'd probably be the hardest part of the basic system. Then I need a system that will fade in and fade out for transitions between scenes. I have a few ideas, but nothing solid on really how to do it. I think that Scene 1 would be pretty awesome to do as an anime. Really my action scenes in my comic are no good. I promise to learn how to do it before I do JF Final. But JF Anime will be so wonderful for that. I actually did about 1/2 of Scene 1 in Half Life. You can e-mail me if you want to see it, but it's not very good. In fact, it uses only half-life models, not any JF models. I never did learn how to make a mdl file that actually works. I'm sure that I don't want to.

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