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Creation Date: 2002-02-05
Tonight you get a bit of advice on the contrary to the previous lesson. But not until the third paragraph. For now, you have to suffer through how I went making this masterpiece of modern art. Well, first I thought it'd be cool to mess with Corel Draw to make the explosion. Indeed, special effects are as important to JF as the sub animations. Without the animations, nothing is happening. Without the sub animations, you don't know what exactly is happening. Well, in an action scene, without special effects, you don't know what is going on, either. If I just show a bunch of people with guns, I'm going to get the question arising: "Why don't these idiots fire their guns?" Well, to fix that little problem, I've started work on explosion props. When a person is supposed to be firing a gun, a translucent explosion similar to the one shown here will show up. This explosion is from a grenade hitting the stairs. How did I make this translucent? It's not as simple as you think. In Corel Draw, I made a squiggly cloud (symmetric and smooth bezier curves), copied 4 times, rotating each of them radially. Then I added a star. I made a radial gradient with color changes at the 0, 20,40,60,80, and 100 marks to make the thing work. Then I copied the star and rotated it. Then I exported it and scaled it using anti-aliasing (a mixed blessing, you'll see why later). Then I copied that image and made it greyscale. I inverted it and I filled the stars in with white (completely opaque). Then I made a plane in LithUnWrap and textured it. It was very quick. I merged it with sensei's building and moved the plane into place. It worked wonderfully. I really can't say enough about LithUnwrap. One problem I had was saving it as an MS3D file. It saved, but MS3D wouldn't do the transparency right. It just didn't show the explosion at all. The picture here was made in LithUnWrap. Not only that, but there's something wrong with Lith UnWrap's exporting bones into MS3D. I dunno what is going on, but there are work-arounds.

One thing I haven't figured out yet is how make damage show up. I'll make the grenade mess up the stairs, but that's pretty simple. Gunshots on the walls folling Jav? Perhaps that'll have to wait for JF Final. It'll be easier when I have decals at my disposal. A few other ideas I have are: midis playing in the back of JF, simple motion blur for the scenes with running, and object ownership. The first might get annoying and might be widely rejected. I've hear that some people don't like midis. I don't like bad midis, but good midis really make me happy. There was one on GameSpy Vs that kicked a bunch of arse. Final Fantasy Midis are completely beautiful. The System Shock 1 midis by themselves prove that techno is better than all music. Then there's a bunch of midis I have of popular songs and they all rock serious.

Now you get the lesson that contradicts yesterday's lesson. Slacking or doing something half way does not do it. When you want a degree in physics and want to make serious contributions to the field of science, you do not do your homework half way. You do not study after you play video games. You do not give up. I can say that now that I've proven it. In Physics 315 (Applied Modern Physics), I got the highest score on the first midterm. This was not talent or luck. It was serious devotion and a lot of work that earned that grade. I plan to do a repeat performance on Wednesday's ElectroMagnetism midterm as well as Mathematical Methods of Physics midterm on Friday. "I am a physics bear!"

I worked a bunch on AS3D Anime Director c++ today. It's getting better and I might have have found the answer. frigging a... v1.v1=v0.v0+2*a0.(r1-r0) which translates into: a0=Normalize(v1-v0)*(D3DXVec3Length(&dv)*(D3DXVec3Dot(&v1,&v1)-D3DXVec3Dot(&v0,&v0)))/(2*D3DXVec3Dot(&dp,&dv)); Only too easy. At least there's no cosines or sines. There's two square roots, but oh well. They're optimized at least. And this is supposed to be a design time program. The end result program will use one equation: p(t)=p0+(v0+a0*t)*t. That is about as optimized as can be. That's so fast that my head is spinning. A particle system that allows particles to use smooth scripted thrust, with turning capability? Remember that AltSci serves the programmer community with physics, engineering, efficient design, and simple systems. If you need physics or 3d expertise in your program, don't hesitate to ask. Terms are negotiable and I'm happy to help people to the best of my ability for free.

Keenspace almost works. PNGs don't work, so no more lossless pictures when I move over. I'll make higher quality JPGs. Secondly, it won't let me log in with Secure SSH FTP even when I turn the Secure SSH off. It works with command line ftp and IE6 seems to be lacking FTP... Ugh. The scripting language on Keenspace will not support JF. I think I might be able to just upload to the public folder, but they might get mad. I might have to ditch Keenspace instead of using them. As soon as I have a decent job, I am going to get rid of MSN and get a ISP that will let me serve my website. Then JF will require no more FTP. It'll still be HTM, but it'll just write to the server instead of my to my hard drive. Not bad, I can't wait to get a job... Err, wait, cancel that. I can't wait to live my own life and do work from time to time to pay for good stuff.
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