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Creation Date: 2002-02-07
What was yesterday's physics tech demo is today's making of. Indeed, this is moving quickly up the food chain. It currently has 1/10th of the power of my Visual Basic Program. However, this program will overtake it if not in the few weeks, in the next few months. I'm learning a lot about C++ that I wished I never knew, but you only grow stronger as you delve deeper into the guewey mess. Well, what exactly is going on here. First off, the title is misleading. It says AS3DMR. In fact, it's closer to AS3DMDcpp with some a mission-critical AS3DADcpp component. Hehe. Abbreviations are as follows: AS3D=AltSci3D, my engine, MR=Manga Reader, MD=Manga Director, MP=Manga Producer, AD=Anime Director, AP=Anime Producer, VB=Visual Basic, and cpp=Visual C++. I titled it MR because I wanted to distinguish it from the other projects I have going on: MD-VB, AD-VB, MP-VB, and MD-CPP. This picture shows us the current level of this engine, AS3D-CPP. It can load a path from a text file and display it in 2d and 3d. It can load a single DirectX file. It is fully navigatable using the wasd configuration. It handles the keyboard and mouse clicks with DirectInput but not mouse position (mouse position is found using the GetCursorPos() function since I cannot get DI absolute mouse position to work correctly). My goals for this are: loading of multiple paths (manga system), loading of multiple DirectX files, and GUI. From there, I'll be able to make AS3DMD-CPP, AS3DMR-CPP, AS3DAD-CPP, and AS3DAP-CPP. The only one that I won't be able to get yet is ASMP-VB and it works very well in VB. I could port it over to CPP, but not yet.

But the lesson here is that of time scales. First off, a manga does not have a real-time time scale. It goes box by box. No matter how long it takes you to read that box, the next one will happen. Also, in between frames mean nothing in manga. Unless of course you're doing a 3d Manga using AS3D MD and MR. You still don't have any time dependence between boxes, but instead you have to deal with user input. I haven't gotten to specing out that stage yet, but I'll tell you all about it when I do. Anyway, the idea is that making a fluid motion dynamics based on an accelerated particle for a manga does not really do any good. Also, animation keyframes count. When creating a manga, you don't want to watch the person go through their animation at 30 fps. You want to flip through each keyframe to the one you want and then you set that as a keyframe. An anime, on the other hand requires such a complex and beautiful system. The time scale of an anime is real-time dependent. A fraction of a second after frame 1 is played, frame 2 (with a completely new geometry) is played. Thus being able to throw a t_n to every animation in the system and get the correct geometry is extremely important. That is what I endeavor to do. I have devised a system that allows a person to loop an animation at n fps while they move fluidly from point a to point b, c, and d. For example, if you want Jav to go from point a to point b in your manga, he'll have to walk there. So we set him on his way and we set his animation in a loop through the walk animation. So the walk let's say is running at 30 frames per second and there are 60 frames in the walk animation, do the math, the time scale is 0 to 2 seconds looping (anim(t0)=anim(t0 mod 2 seconds). Getting him to stop perfectly? That's not so easy. You see, the walk animation might be at any given point. My premature recommendation is to do what I do IRL when I want to stop at a certain point: shorten my steps when I get within two steps of it.

What else? Well, I'm gearing up to make AS3DMD-CPP. That will be serious. Why? Because I'll be able to sell it. You see, selling VB programs is not very practical even if it is doable. A CPP program will gain people's respect because it is as fast as it possibly can be. A person who can run Half-Life and has DirectX8.1 can run AS3DMD-CPP with no questions asked. Those people who want to delve into the world of 3d comics are welcomed with AltSci3D Manga Director. Of course, AltSci3D Manga Producer comes with it, so all the person has to do is make models in MilkShape3D, texture them with MSPaint and LithUnWrap, push the people around in AS3D MD and create a page with AS3D MP. A very small bit of development will lead to AS3D MR, the 3d medium Manga Reader. Then with a bunch of development, the bomb itself: AltSci3D Anime Director and Producer. It will take mangas and make a full-motion-anime of your comic! Add voice-overs and background noise with AltSci3D Anime Producer and you churn out a movie. That is what all this is about: everyone and their Siamese cats making high-quality 3d anime.

E-mail me if that sounds like something you would like to do.
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