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Creation Date: 2002-02-09
Tonight we get much closer to that fabled Scene 5. This is floor 2 from an impossible view. I did it just because I wanted to lazily put two pictures into one picture and show context. It is unlikely that you'll see more than a sliver of one and the other at the same time. You see, this apartment has [major plot hidden -->] thin hallways, perfect for close quarters combat. So how do these two things happen? The stairs are more technically difficult. Notice how they're made of just two triangles. But they almost look like a dozen stairs. That's because I use a gradient in the texture. From darker to darkest, line, dark, to light, line, and repeat. Corel Draw did the gradients. Then I textured it from the top view and scaled it three half times in the y direction, 2 times in the x direction. That's pretty much it. I could've made it better by adding a triangle that drops down to give the stairs a bit of depth. But I decided that it wasn't worth it. The door was pretty easy. As you might remember, The door is inset with simple extrusion. I made that door texture and set it to the inset part. I like it a bunch. However, the front of the building's door wasn't as easy. I was stupid and didn't do a extrude. So I ended up splitting a bunch of the faces and messing it up. But it works anyway. You'll likely see that next week in scene 5, but it's the same door. You don't need to see the door twice. The thing is that the door works together with windows and a common brick texture with the windows. It's quite a marvel, really. I'm surprised that I pulled it off. Another thing is biting in my heels. The wall texture is awful. I just converted the Scene 4 apartment brick to greyscale for this and I cannot say that is half-decent. I think I'm just going to make something with less texture for it. You might notice how it doesn't line up everywhere. I'm not even going to try to texture it correctly in MS3D. LithUnWrap was made for that purpose.

Three AM rolls around and JF Making Of is not finished. You can call it crazy, but I say that it's just only slightly off schedule. You see, I fell asleep after dinner. There's something about my futon being so f'n comfortable that whenever I go slightly horizontal, I'm out like a light. Perhaps it's narcolepsy, but that's not true because I've never fallen asleep in any normal exciting circumstance. Only when I'm bored, defeated, or have been up for seventeen hours do I sleep. *shrug* Anyway, staying up late on the weekend is nothing new. Actually it's the routine since I do it every weekend. But sleeping after dinner and getting Making Of JF done after midnight is a few hours off.

AS3D Manga Director 2.0 CPP is flying. I have GUI and dynamically loaded 3d objects. Now I just need to skin the objects (hard, but the classes are in the SDK), gain control over them (easy), and give the control to the pathing system (which is working awesomely, I might add). When I finish that, AS3D Terr Works 3.0 will be a small step away. AS3D Anime Director 0.5 will be soon after that. What else did I promise? Hmm, well, who cares.

According to a United Nations report, Japan needs to import 600k workers per year. And they know how to do it, too: anime! Hehehe. This I learned in an article by the BBC about a Finn elected to Japanese parliament. Getting a visa wouldn't be as hard as it would seem. Teaching English, Physics, and computer programming might be a good profession for me, eh? I could do missionary work and skateboard all I want. Ya, skateboarding is legal in Japan and they don't have any problem with "damage" to their precious concrete. Also, they treat their workers well in Japan. If you've ever seen the Discovery Channel feature on building of Khonsu Airport, all the workers are doing stretches at sunrise. This is one small example of Japan's sincere respect for their working class.

But, I guess I don't need to go to Japan to be surrounded by Asians and people whose language I cannot speak: we have all that right here in the U District and the International District. What we don't have is a decent form of government. The new mayor elected had two big issues under his belt: getting rid of violent video games from publicly owned arcades (who would've thought that Seattle Center's arcade is owned by the gov't?) and making the weasel the mascot of Rainier Beach. Next N30 we'll see if he likes the taste of tear gas. I can only hope not and write him a stern letter of recommendation.

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