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Creation Date: 2002-02-09
This is a neat and easy lesson here. You see it is JF's unique attack engine. It's translucent and I think it looks very cool. What is it? It's something to show when something is happening. When Jav does a special attack, I put one of these up. Or when someone fires a weapon, you will likely see one of these or something like this. It also will be useful to show why shotty guy is going to miss a point blank shot at Jav. So, how'd I make it? In Corel Draw, I made the outline and textured it with a radial pattern with ten steps. I wanted to make the steps as noticeable as possible. I can't say why now, but you'll see. Anyway, I exported it to a 128x256 texture. That became the texture. Then I split the channels into HSB. I took the brightness and inverted it to get the alpha channel. Not bad, eh? It doesn't work every time, but almost every time. What happens is that the black borders are opaque while the cyan middle is translucent (like water, perhaps) and the white background is transparent, making a nice object out of two triangles. If I were ambitious and silly, I would put this into one triangle, but it wouldn't work with a wide back as I have without a more scaled texture. Anyway, that's how it's going to be and I hope you like it. It's just a small feature of a 3D comic. Transparencies make for excellent special effects, I must say.

What else? Last night I worked really hard on JF plot for Scene 7. It's going to be a big scene, so I want to make that solid. And it conflicted with my story and seemed to create an anticlimax. Now, I've made it good. You'll have to wait to see it.

I was doing the calculations and if I do one person per day, I'll have Scene 5 done in two weeks That is just terrible. I'm going to try to make it a bit faster. But my big focus is on AltSci3D Manga Director version 2.0. I'm having problems with the Skinned meshes. I'll figure it out, but it puts a kink in my plans. Anyway, I think I'm going to mess around tonight and forget my worries and ambitions.

Sometimes you just do it all wrong.

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