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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
This picture is the product of a new system I'm working on. It's the Relative Face Manipulation System (RFMS). For every awesome 3d manga, you need at least a thousand systems. RFMS is just one more. It's currently in Corel Draw, but will be ported to Visual Basic soon. It's a pretty intense system. You put in points for the boundary of the face and join them together. Then the system allows you to move the points very carefully and scientifically. I have a whole page of explanation for it. From low-poly models to super-hi-poly models, this system will be great. It'll use an n-patch system, which is popular to use these days. The n-patch system allows a modeler to model on the cheap and then tell the program to beef up the polygon usage by a factor of two, ten, or a thousand. This method was seen in a picture of Jav just a few days ago. I'm thinking that this guy is just going to be a bystander in one of the scenes. With RFMS, he was done in five clicks. Now, he needs to be modelled in 3d, given a body, and animated, but that's all really just busy work. This guy is done for all intensive purposes.

Original post:
You were expecting maybe a new page? Well, perhaps something better: certainty. "Javantea's Fate" will no longer be uncertain. Hehehe, the pun not intended, but funny anyway, isn't it? No, JF is not shutting down, it's ramping up and shifting focus. Currently, I am unable to produce pages. There isn't a problem with this because only a few forgiving people read JF. But it troubles me terribly that people don't care. People aren't visiting JF, they aren't linking to it if they are visiting, and they aren't e-mailing me. I find it awful that people would choose to do this. I have worked hard for six months on this project and have not seen a penny, an encouragement from anyone outside my family, or hate mail. It it time for change, yes. But not how you might expect. A person might expect me to give up JF just because it's a failure. But I don't see it that way. JF is the largest accomplishment of my life and I intend to make it bigger and better.

With that said, I'd like to introduce the NEW format of JF. Seven days per week, I will write one paragraph and create one character for display on JF. The character will be displayed on the new "Making of..." section. The one character will be 2d pencil or pen on paper, 2d CG Vector Graphics, 2d CG Painted, or 3d CG mesh. This website will show every step of making Javantea's Fate. It'll include tutorials on Visual Basic, DirectX, old-school Manga drawing, Vector Graphics, 3d Manga production using AltSci3D, and other silly things. But I confess that I am not a professional. Tutorials would probably be better taught by a real professor. However, for free, no one can complain too much. Instead, while I learn, the reader too can learn everything they didn't want to know about my understanding of JF.

So what about JF manga and when will the pages be made? Well, it's not out the window. My plan is to make high-quality scenes in two weeks and then in one day, I'll release the full scene. With higher-quality scenes, I can really let the size fly so that it becomes a real manga-style scene system. I'm thinking that perhaps the scenes will be ten pages long. I also believe that I'll redo Scene 1-3 at some point, but since they're already done, I can put a small amount of time into them and make them into ten or so pages.

What has caused this? There are so many reasons, I'll list them: unhappiness with reader satisfaction, increase in interest of real manga, need of cash, need of satisfying career, lack of physics career possibility, general increase in interest of writing mangas for a living, and lastly, watching Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within three times back to back (the Animator's Commentary and Producer's commentary are quite awesome).

So what have I done so far? Hoo boy, you don't even know. I've drawn a few rough characters today alone. My webcam isn't working so I can't show them to you, but you don't care anyway. Then I reformatted my hard drive. You see, Win98 was doing one of those crash every five minutes things. So I burned twenty-some CDs (most of anime) and then reformatted. So far, it's going really well. I won't know for sure until tomorrow. You see, the problem was on boot-up. It would boot and then freeze. The mouse moved, but the screen stopped and the tasks stopped. Then I'd do Ctrl-Alt-Del five times and it'd reboot. It'd take about five of those cycles to get a startup that would last anywhere between five minutes and an hour. Awful, huh? So now I have it right and it is looking okay. The only problem is my SB Live! Value card. I had a problem with it last time I reformatted. Let me tell you, I'm listening to CDs on an old-school CD player. So then I got the first one and now I just need to get the HTML and ASP code written for the "Making of..." Section. Let me get to it.

Update: I am half done with the website update.

Oh, I was talking about a paragraph to be included in the "Making Of..." section. The paragraph will be completely devoid of any politics or BS about my personal life. It will focus on what I was doing with this picture. Following is the paragraph for the above picture.


By the way, if you care at all, you'll e-mail me.

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