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Creation Date: 2002-02-13
The only two things that are more lame than tonight's picture is the fact that it isn't the worst Making Of JF and that I almost didn't do it at all. But I'll save the story until the end of the lesson. Today's lesson is: real life models. Note that I do not practice what I preach in this instance exactly, but I learned. The first thing is that most things will need real life models. If you're a good anime drawer, it's because you know the human body well and you know how to conform it to the anime world. If you don't use real life models, your drawing will starve for information. Uninformed artists do that. If you know nothing about something, you leave out the details. If you know a lot about something, you'll add the details and get it right. The real world model for this gun is from my memory of my father's Glock 9mm and various guns that I've seen in good movies. My father's Glock has a shorter barrel than this one. It's also black plastic and definitely has no laser sight (laser sights are useful for attacking well-armed foes, btw). So Why did I change this distinctly from my memory? Well, DA3 is not my father ^_^. He uses his gun against well-armed foes (hence the laser sight) and he wants accuracy at long distances (hence the longer barrel). A little physics note on the barrel: Longer barrels confine the bullet to a certain trajectory long after the explosion whereas shorter barrels do not. Thinking of a very short barrel might send the bullet straight into the ground in front of the gun. And then there's the spiral down the barrel that trades some forward velocity for angular velocity. That stabilizes the bullet very well. Anyway, back to the gun. I decided to not use a real life model for this gun because I didn't want the gun to be life-like. Anime distorts reality and this guy's gun is not going to come directly out of Counterstrike. They may want kids to bust out their D. Eagle and bust a cap just like IRL, but I want a type of fantasy going on here. These guys customize their weapons and practice at the range twice a week. What range? Oh yeah, I forgot, no range. The UN illegalized guns and the Anarchist community cannot have any loud noises. Perhaps these people practice in underground ranges. I know of people who have illegal underground ranges in their house these days. The cops will never hear. Anyway, I'm trimming down the accessories because I think it would be smart for JF to focus on the beauty of the futile killing machine rather than the reality of your dirty guts spilled out on the floor as the robber looks at you in hatred and he bends down to pick up your wallet and rummage for a few dollar bills. Certainly my imagery is nothing short of gruesome. Many artists strive to better this imagery to indescribable horrors, but I find it quite in the opposite of my goals. My goal is to enlighten my viewers rather than attempt to fill their morbid hatred of human judgement.

*cough* Tonight almost didn't happen. I have three or four assignments due tomorrow and two are done. I feel awful. I should've started my homework much earlier in the week. But then I definitely should've went to class on Monday. But alas, my evil mind decides to justify. This week I'm going to work really hard on all my homework. I'm not going to allow myself to whine about not having done stuff. I will whine all I want about having done stuff.

I blame Great Teacher Onidsuka. I've been reading it for the past few nights/days... I finished reading the Lord of the Rings and I have a huge void to fill in it's leave. What ever shall I do? Well, I'm going to read GTO and I'm going to moderate my dosage. I went to AnimeNation and bought both of the new Gunnm Last order Graphic Novels. How sweet it is! Many of you might not know that I am in love with Gally, aka Alita of Battle Angel Alita. She is indeed the world to me. Well, maybe not that much, but she's definitely been a medium-sized factor in my life. Yukito Kishiro is a genius. Even translated into English, his works are a masterpiece.

What else? Errrm, If you didn't notice, I've been pretty moody lately. *shrug* Often people try to make direct connections between something and another. For example: if you don't shower often and then you stink, you think that people who smell "off" do not shower. That would be a direct connection between showering and smell. The thing is that my parents and my brother believe that I smell terrible while I shower daily. Thus the act of showering is not the direct connection. Perhaps it's my clothes? That would be a direct connection between washing of clothes to smell. Well, when you get into deeper stuff like mood and actions, I've found that it's best to stay away from generalizations. I know that there is a direct one-way connection between me not eating and me being very angry, but not the reverse. (I get angry when I haven't eaten while I am from time to time angry when I have eaten). I think there's also a connection between eating four meals a day (no matter their size) and being hungry. Those people who eat four small meals a day lose weight while people who eat three large meals often get fat for the reason that they add a fourth meal in there which is often larger than any of the previous person's meals. So, why am I angry now? It's mainly the homework thing. It also may be my love life (stable at nil for two years running, if you're keeping count ;_;) What else? Well, I tried drawing IRL tonight. I was going to do a little sketch and take a pic with my webcam and be done with my Making Of. Well, my skills have dulled. I haven't picked up a pencil in the hope to draw anything minorly decent since MLK Day. I tried to classify the difference between CG and hand drawn images. I made a few: crooked lines are easier to draw in hand drawn images. Symmetry is harder in hand drawn images. Smoothness is harder in hand drawn images. Texture is infinitely harder in CG. Perhaps I shouldn't have used such a strong word as inf., but it just made sense to me. Which is better? CG by a country mile. Don't ask why. I am a digital being living in a digital world, sucka.

The bit saved me from a world of evil.
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