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Creation Date: 2002-02-17
Well, you didn't expect another shot of Jav, did ya? Well, my train of thought was able to stay on one thing for more than one day straight this time. This is another fight scene that I can't explain until I finish Scene 5. Jav is kicking someone and screaming while he's doing it. Wow... So, what's the lesson? Animation is harder than I usually say it is. I said that it was easy just because it's easy to start. What can be easier than drag and drop? Well, first off, it's hard to get the mesh to work with the skeleton. If you get your skeleton working with your mesh, then you actually have to do something with it. That's even harder. You need to drag and drop until the person looks like they're doing something. The only tool you have is your mouse and the XZ, XY, and YZ views. You can drag those bone around all day and get little more than a funky squishy mess that you say is your "animation". But really what animation means is moving pictures. We aren't doing moving pictures as much as moving body parts. It's a 3d thing instead of a 2d thing and it plain sucks. I don't like it one bit. I have no idea how video games do it. I used to think: why don't they hire better animators, these body movements look jerky and unnatural. Well, now seeing the shyte that I produce, it's all becoming clear to me. Skeleton animation is tough. A professional can hardly do it right, so what am I going to do? I'm going to make pictures that hide the ugly looking parts. I should look at the Half Life models, etc... I just can't do it.

On a serious note, check out RaiseTheFist and see wtf I'm talking about. First Amendment rights? What First Amendment? I don't know anything about this freedom of speech you're talking about. This eighteen year old kid (who lives with his mom and sister) is going to jail to do hard time. For what? For being a political activist and standing up for his rights. Specifically he posted info on how to make bombs on his website and advocated the use of them against the government. He's going to watch the revolution from the sidelines. I cannot say that I advocate a violent (and bloody) civil war to destroy the government, but I advocate freedom of speech beyond all doubt. If you're a real patriot, you do too.

Whenever I get the slightest idea that maybe anarchists can live in a totalitarian society without harming anyone I see this shit. Let me tell you when we knock down the walls of the prisons, this kid is going to be a national hero. But it's sick that instead of going to college, this kid is going to jail for all the young years he has left. This is a serious blow to passive anarchism and will not be soon forgotten.

But you know... Totalitarians are stupid fsckers. I remember Bush's comment about North Korea, Iran, and Iraq being on the "axis of evil". I disliked this comment a bunch since violent bullying is the US and the UN's favorite games. I was reading the North Korean News (translated into English, believe that) and they responded that the US should not soon forget that we lost the Korean War of the 60's. If Bush wants to go to war with Korea, we'll lose again. I'd like to see the US lose a war for a change. Just in time for South East Asia to take over our businesses and China to finally take over the US.

I'd help them as long as they ensured fewer victims than a civil war and a bit more religious freedoms (note that China is soon going to execute a Christian leader in China).

*sigh* Enough hypothetical. What to do about RaiseTheFist's problem? Well, they've done enough good, they won't go away, and they are a serious wake-up call to anyone who is fooling themselves saying that they can live in peace with totalitarians. Not that murder is a solution, but going to jail for your thoughts and speech is not a solution either.

I propose the solution: bankrupt the government and all the evil companies. Send Exxon into Chapter 11. Leave The Gap in ruin. Make waste of McDonalds. Oppression isn't free, I tell you. If the US doesn't have enough money to pay their debt (from absurd military spending) and the bill collectors come to collect, everyone gets a pink slip (to you schoolkids, that means expulsion).

E-mail me if you have an idea on how anarchists can singlehandedly bankrupt America.
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