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Creation Date: 2002-02-19
If you're here to learn something about three-dimensional design, read on. If not, go down a paragraph. All the latest is right there. This picture is of Javantea jump-kicking. 3D is cool because you can do this type of stuff with drag-and-drop ease. You don't have to worry about if one leg will look longer than the other or if the face will look right. Not that it's much easier, but it relieves common drawing pains. I like it because it is simple, effective, and reusable. The more that a person can reuse, the more they can produce. If you can produce a lot, you'll end up with a much greater product. Tonight's lesson is, keep those body parts in check. You might see that Jav's non-kicking leg is bent at the knee. Not only is that common in martial arts, but it's vital to attacking. If a limb goes unchecked, it'll likely get broken or bruised. Boxers leave their arms unchecked because they know what is behind their arms: their face and body. In my experience with martial arts, you want your enemy to miss even your arms. You must flow around your enemy so that they cannot cause any damage. If you are a street boxer (no gloves), you want your arms to be in pristine condition, not bruised and broken. A well landed punch can easy break an arm in half. I well blocked punch can break the attacker's wrist. How do I know? My brother blocked my punch back when I was 11 or so. He used his entire body weight (he was hefty back then) at great speed and blocked with his bicep and elbow with is body behind it. It crushed my wrist and I had to wear a cast for six weeks. My wrist still hurts from time to time. How did a simple block break my wrist? He used my velocity and his velocity combined to raise the energy to very large amount and then turned the energy into a huge force: his arm backed by his whole body weight. In the end, my fifteen pound punch turned into a two hundred and fifty pound force all on my wrist. Did I deserve a broken wrist? Duh. It taught me well the physics of collisions.

Here, Jav is doing the same thing he's backing his attacking foot with his useless foot to create a normal that cannot be turned away. That foot will keep going forcing whatever is in front of it to give way. If the thing that is hit is stronger than Jav's attack, Jav will stop in mid air and possibly bend at the knee to absorb the shock. We'll see something cool like that in Scene 5.

As you may know, I witnessed twenty police murder a man yesterday, Monday, February 18, 2002, at 2 PM. Two quotes of mine are in the Seattle PI. The Seattle PI has taken my story a second time and will present another article on the possibility of police brutality and excessive force. I gave my statement at the previous Making Of JF.

I have decided to remove all hearsay, speculation, and calculation regarding this issue from my site. I was advised by more knowledgeable people that the cold hard facts that I saw with my eyes are far more effective than explaining what I did not see. If you wish to hear what I gathered from others, ask politely and do not use it to ridicule a serious event as the Seattle PI's first article did.

E-mail me if you want a quote or an interview. I've already given my story to Seattle P-I as well as two police officers and a homicide detective, but I'll give it again if you'd like. I'm also looking for legal assistance from the ACLU and other human/civil rights defenders. E-mail me since you will likely need my support to attempt a lawsuit.
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