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Creation Date: 2002-02-24
Today's JF is brought to you by strong will. Read the next few paragraphs for a description of strong will. But read of if you want to learn a thing or two about 3d. The lesson for you tonight is that model ownership is not always a parent-child relationship, but sometimes a peer-peer relationship. What does this mean? Well, look at this model. The shotgun is laying in this guy's hands. How nice. But don't think that it was point and click. Actually it was, but it took more work than it should have. The reason is that MilkShape3d only allows a parent-child relationship and no inverse kinematics (IK). I hear that IK is very cool. What is IK? It allows a peer-peer relationship in bones. Of course for 3d modelling, half parent-child and half peer-peer is useful. Being able to push off the ground and pull your foot off the ground at the same time is an example of this. IK makes for really cool realistic fluid motion. How would it help here? Well, I have this shotgun model that I want to be able to use for multiple models. Instead of forcing the owner to be the same, I rather force the shotgun model to be in the same place. I just put it into the second person's hands and it's ready. That's helpful for 3d modelling. So how did I do this? Well, I put the arm in place and then tacked on the shotgun and the shotgun bone. I put the shotgun under the right arm and the shotgun bone at the trigger of the shotgun connected to the right hand. So I have the shotgun rotated all funky out of place and the hand in the right place, so I rotate the shotgun, and again and again and again. Then I see that the hand is off, so I rotate the hand and the shotgun moves. Ugh! So I rotate the shotgun back and again and again. Ugly, huh? IK would be nice because then I could rotate the shotgun as a peer at first and then when it's in his hands, I can make it act like his hand's child. So when his hand moves, the shotgun moves. So then I put the other arm in place and mess with the legs, we're ready! Idatakimasu!

Does the shotgun look ugly? Does the shotgun dwarf him? I hope so, that's what I was trying to do. Shotguns are not pretty. The assault shotguns as seen in Counterstrike are outlawed big time by 2014. In fact, they're outlawed already. In fact, every gun is outlawed by 2014. But like they say, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Gun control advocates are naive. Gun rights advocates are also naive. I am neither. Why, because be you a wuss dialing 9-1-1 or a Aryan pulling out your M16, no one and no thing can protect anyone from hate. Defeating hate is a job that can only be done with the mind and one's neighbors (neighbor in the community, city, state, country, and global sense of the word). No matter the pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, police force, military, Star Wars shield, nuclear weaponry, or star destroyer that you have access to, you have no solution to hate. But wait, given that ideology, gun control advocates are correct. Nonono. Taking guns away is something that can only be done with guns. It's the same as the stupid gun rights advocates. But the gun rights advocates have the principle correct. One person does their thing, another person does their thing. If either have any type of gun, does it matter at all? Not unless there's an aggressor between them. But aggressors don't need guns. We all know that. People are ingenious. Since the dawn of human civilization, we've been beating the shit out of each other. But perhaps each of us have enough brains to keep the thought "peace" still in our minds. Some people think not. I think it's a matter of time and action. As I've always quoted, "Free your mind and your ass will follow."

It is now physically painful for me to do JF. My brain doesn't want to do anything, my arms hurt, my back hurts, and I fight my inner hatred and am barely winning temporary ground. "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me." I repeat this simple prayer called the Jesus Prayer. I have heard that Christians who say this prayer often get what they ask for and then some. I was walking home and the alley a block north of my house was blocked by a police car. The policewoman had already seen me when I turned into the alley, so I decided not to run away (running away was for her safety more than mine, mind you). But whether it's safer for me to run (we all know exactly what running away from police ends up) or to walk within inches of someone who is violently opposed to your living in peace. So I walked by. I think that the Jesus Prayer saved me because she looked me over for a long time as I walked by. If I would have heard the sirens, I don't think that I would have been very polite. I might have hurt her feelings with strong words.

Suing the City of Seattle Police for destroying my will to be peaceful wouldn't be prudent, though. Telling the judge that I cannot control my actions would likely end me up in a mental institution. I have a grip on my actions, but my mind is thinking things that before Monday afternoon were my worst enemy. War still is my worst enemy. It always will be. But then why does my brain throw the word into my head? To strengthen my pacifist ideals? That is my conclusion. The more that a good ideal is tested, the stronger it will become. Soon, I will make Ghandi himself look like a war criminal (according to the US, he was) even though he is one of the greatest people who ever lived and his endeavor for peace, unity, and justice have been unrivaled.

I will continue to repeat peace even after the oppressors have fallen and after the world is full of love.

My Grandma Jeri e-mailed me with the best soothing advice that anyone has given me yet: my Great Grandma Anna always used to say, "This too shall pass." That is what I am hoping. This will not pass until justice has been served. And we know from Great Grandma Anna, that this too shall pass.

In AS3D news, I'm pretty well on my way to getting skinned meshes drawn. Using D3DFrame, D3DMesh, D3DFile and a bit of code from the SkinnedMesh sample, I'm working hard to get it right. I created a subclass of D3DMesh called D3DSkinMesh. Sounds easy, right? Right. I'm stuck on something very odd, but it will pass. I've never heard of reinterpret_cast. Whatever it is, it's acting silly. I think I might try something different. When I fix that, I'll only have to implement the animation class and that'll be easy from the code that I'm looking at. When that is flying, we'll have a JF movie! It'll look like arse, but it'll be a movie. A bunch of simple movies all correctly placed is a really high quality movie. But remember that a high quality movie making system is only worth it's usability. Hopefully it'll be the fiber in people's diet!

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