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Creation Date: 2002-02-21
Tonight, we learn about fog. Fog is a useful effect that makes things that are farther away greyed. Of course, you could make green fog with 3d graphics since they don't differ between green fog and grey fog, but green fog is not fog, it's toxic gas. The use of fog is to soften an image. Certain types of Range Fog can leave foreground images sharp while they make make further things fade. In fact, some fog is so dense that it can make things look like they aren't even there. It's amazing, but let's look at the actual usage. Here we see the further road looking greyish. But what else, the dome fades to grey. At the left, it looks like it's not there. On the right, you can see the lines. But notice a few bad things. It doesn't do much. Notice how this image is not saved by it's fog alone. In fact, it sucks. Without buildings, characters, and/or more terrain, this picture is worth a yawn and a half for wasting your time. But it's not about the picture, it's about what can happen after this picture. Once I put in buildings, this becomes a sprawling techno-future cityscape. When I add people, it becomes a bustling city center. When I add motion to those people and take numerous pictures, it becomes an epic 3d comic/movie. What a thought?! This is the start of something big. The fog has a specific purpose. It destroys that which is far away while preserving that which is close. Thus, we have focus and reality distinction. That is very good. Adding the list of things that I need will create something amazing. But remember that things are only as good as what holds them together. I believe that the fog will hold the focus together. Plot, characters, etc will also need to hold things together, but we got the focus problem half solved. Why only half? Well, pointing the camera in the right direction is often helpful. Focusing the camera's attention correctly is just as important. Remember field of view also. FoV in real life is set by the lens and the setting of the lens. For example, wide angle lenses make great wide FoV shots, but bad zoom shots. Whereas telephoto lenses can really zoom in. 3D has the best of all worlds as usual. FoV is controlled by a number. Aspect ratio is also controllable by a number. You can say, "I want wide angle," and it'll give it to you with less than 1% CPU usage. In fact, it's the same amount of CPU usage for turning the camera. Then you can have it zoom in from a mile away while moving in a curvy accelerated path to end it zoomed in on a mole on someone's nose. Not that you'd want to do that, but it'd be no problem to do it if you did want to.

Hard times call for hard decisions. I am going to put the Making Of pages on javantea.keenSpace.com soon. It only allows JPG and GIF. I am boycotting GIF compression, so we are left with JPG only for the Making Of archives. I will put a link to it like I have now, but it'll go to the not so cool site. Hopefully, it will limit slightly, but not prevent access to good content. Making Of JF pictures are 11 MB of 16.4 MB of JF pictures. It's nothing to gawk at. The main problem is that PNG does not compress gradients very well. PNGs are 9.51 MB vs JPGs that are 1.53 MB. Big difference What to do? Ditch them and put the JPGs on a different server. I could even keep the current system with everything here at Javantea.com, but keep the JPGs on the keenspace server. It would be technically correct if I put their advertisement here at Javantea.com. I want to do that anyway. But that would strain the traffic (connecting to two sites per page). I'll talk it over with the Keenspace people.

LATORIA JAVANTEA ROWELL was born 06-Jan-1983 a female in Dallas, Texas. That means that she just turned 18 last month. Happy 18th Latoria, you're under the law of the land now (except alcohol, of course). If you find this page, e-mail me and we can converse over your middle name and my name and copyright. I believe my lawyers have already talked to your parents. I own the copyright to Javantea, Javantea.com, Javantea's Fate, and the abbreviation Jav. If you believe in fate, then my lawyers will have a clear case of defamation. ^_^ I had you going for a second there, didn't I? Really, if you find yourself in Seattle, e-mail me and we can have organic coffee and green tea at the local cafe. How did I find you? What? You think a hacker will allow his copyrights to be violated so easily? Ha! I keep an eye on the Birth Records, DMV, Consumer Reports, Drudge Report, IndyMedia, NY Times Best Seller's List, NASA project lists and reports, all scientific journals, all Usenet Groups, a dozen IRC channels, and all competing comic artists at all times. Even though they aren't easy to find, they are there AND they certainly are worth looking for. Even if you don't find what you are looking for, you'll get something pretty cool. I suggest that you go out there and find it all yourself for this reason. But if you're impatient, I might just e-mail you a list of URLs with the above information all for free. It's approximately seventy gigabytes (NASA likes to use uncompressed TIFFs), but if you search it page by page, delete it after you've grabbed your info, you'll get it.

Might I define hacker? A hacker is a person who uses any means necessary to get information and use it to achieve a valuable goal. I am not a hardcore hacker because I do not use any means. I use a strict code of honor in any of my information finding, dissemination, and use to achieve a valuable goal. The main part of that strict code of honor is truth. I will not lie or cheat. Putting false information around will destroy a person before it destroys what they are lying about. The truth is more common than lies and will end up being the stopping block (rather than a stumbling block) to liars. Giving the whole truth is often very laborious and is dangerous, but that is the way of a hacker.
To do something, one must take risk. And if a person does not lock themselves in a room, they are bound to do something, so why not live in danger of life rather than in danger of breathing? Along that same line, what is the danger of abandonment versus the danger of disregard? (Disregard is when something is not looked after (in physics, I call this an inertial velocity away from the reference) while abandonment requires action (in physics, an action is defined as a force over a certain amount of time). Thus, the difference is force. Over time, Force becomes Energy. Over distance, Force becomes Work. But we know that Work = Energy. Thus, the difference is energy. Abandonment is by far more desirable than disregard, but harder to attain. One might wonder why I'm advocating abandonment. I am not. I am simply weighing the possible negative reward of one way of life versus the possible negative reward of another way of life. Thus we can easily compare the two rewards.
I also will not steal, kill, or injure anyone in my attempt to achieve a goal. This goes back to the days that I debated for North Central High School. There was a philosopher that said that ends do not justify the means. The world has seen many cases where certain people will justify their horrible means with the ends. Killing people to save lives is one example. Using any means necessary is quite a stretch. Destroying an important website injures the people who use it. Indeed, it will injure hackers themselves. I will not destroy websites that are useful. However, I define useful to my own terms. A fascist website certainly can seem useless at times, but the end of destroying Fascism is not won by being fascist against fascists. It might learn them a thing or two, but so will adding a directory to their webserver called /~tmp/Haxx0red-by-ohyesyouare/r0x0r_j00/i-find-Fascism-offensive/leave-me-be/ . Defacing their website is not as great a victory for those who wish to achieve a valuable goal.

On a similar note, my experience on February 18 has changed my mind about my safety. Before February 18, I believed that by minding my own business, following the law for no other reason than by accident, and staying active would keep me from danger. Indeed it has. How wonderfully my plan has worked, don't you agree? < angry > What the fuck?! Here today, gone tomorrow. Not In My BackYard (NIMBY) has failed me marvelously because that's what fucking happened. Across the street from my front yard, my worst nightmare plays out before me! < constructive > Certainly, NIMBY is not the way to go. How I can survive must be recalculated because my morals will not allow it. I believe that adding a factor of pre-emptive action as well as post-fuck-up reaction will be my first trials. I will engage in pre-emptive action to help those neighbors around me who need help. I will also engage in post-fuck-up clean-up reaction. I must see through this situation to it's closure. What defines closure? Justice, peace, and redemption. Some may criticize the word redemption, but it's the best way that I can describe what needs to happen, particularly preemptive action to help neighbors. Justice will require at least two police officers to find new day jobs and a full flop on the issue of excessive force made by the City of Seattle Police Department. Peace will come when both sides agree to build relations instead of destroy and take lives. Both sides meaning police and victims. Remember that many victims of police brutality, prejudice, and excessive force are left alive. I know one, DJ Janaya a Phillipino-American who is the most friendly person in the world. He has been continually targeted by the police for his friendliness to college students, his race, and his beliefs. I wish only the best for him, but he too will have to give up his fear and hatred of the police after the police make the first move to help him rather than attack him.

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