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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
So, what is this? This is a continuation of yesterday's picture. As you remember, I had a decent looking Corel Draw vector graphics picture and I wanted to use it. Well, this is the first step of using it. Since I have limited time, I only modelled the front half of his head, but the rest will show up eventually. You can see how 3d easily conforms to anime standards because anime is based on 3d. If anime were to deviate from 3d, it wouldn't look good at all. That doesn't say that gag characters (you know when the artist draws their character as a little runt-sized wild Tazmanian Devil-looking thing?) don't mess everything up, but oh well. But that's beside the point. The point is that a person doesn't need to know much about anime to turn a decent front faced model into a decent 3d model. Next picture I'm going to make the sides of the head and attach a generic body. Who's body? Well, the Rave Kiddie body is the newest, so that's what it'll be. I might try to change it a bit so that I can get some random variation in characters, but not much. In case you didn't read the previous caption, this guy is going to be an extra character for Scene 5, a VERY important scene. Why is it important? If you've read and remembered every news article, I say that JF loses the politics in Scene 5. Big somethings are happening behind the scenes at JF.

Original post:
Did I not tell you to expect something everyday? Well, here it is. I was planning on getting the system done for it, a whole new section. But it's a little more tricky than I thought. You know, how is a person going to make 365 drawing per year and expect anyone to look through them? So I decided that I'd use a separate system called "Making Of" and I'd put all the pics into easy-to-browse tables. Happy-fun, right?


Okay, now to give you some juicy news. N30 is tomorrow. So is my Quantum Physics midterm. Guess which is going to take precedence? Neither. I'm going to my midterm for two hours and going to do well on it. Then I'm going to 8th and Seneca where I am going to celebrate People's Holiday. I'm going to peacefully participate in the slow destruction of totalitarianism. I'm going to block traffic for hours. Globalist's beware: your putrid face is known, your harmful products are boycotted, your ideals are shameful, your cars spew toxic gasses, your police spew toxic gasses, your politicians spew toxic gasses, you're not moving a FUCKING INCH, and you will not take us alive or without a fight.

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