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Creation Date: 2002-02-24
Shotty guy gets a new skin? Well, kinda but not exactly. Indeed this is shotty guy with a new skin and a thinner shotgun and a thinner face. However, it is not shotty guy. It is his friend, pacifist murderer guy. I'll explain that oxymoron in the next paragraph. For now, we learn how easy it is to copy and paste. This model is almost exactly shottyguy. I feel kinda dirty using the same model for two people who will stand next to each other, but perhaps I can differentiate them by colors, faces, and actions. To make the faces different, I decided to change the eyes, hair, and mouth. I kept the pupils of the eyes, but brought them closer in. I copied the pupil on the right and scaled it about five times. Then I deleted the eyelids and made completely new ones. The eyes seem to be better simply because I put them closer together. I also made the face thinner to compliment this. I changed his hairdo very slightly and changed the color to off black. I made the lips wider to give them a different appearance. I messed with the shirt. I should've given him a collar, but I wasn't thinking about it. I changed the color of the pants also, but the rest is the same. I changed the gun for realism. I keep switching between realism and expressionism. I want to show how stupid weapons are, but I don't want people to wonder if the guns are supposed to be something other than guns. Perhaps they're tasers. No, this is a shotgun that fires lethal shot. In fact, it does better than today's shotguns. I show that and I hope that it is understood.

This guy is loosely based on many people I know who believe in peace yet do not practice it. There are too many of these people, so I won't name names of pacifist murderers. They are not literally murderers, but their philosophy and proposed action agrees with murder as a means of defense. Often they take the most radical pacifist stance towards life, yet make exceptions for "evil". Christianity teaches us that evil is within us all and that all humans are sinners. It is only when we repent and come to know God are we forgiven of our sins. There is also a non-Christian explanation, but I'm too tired to go into it.

If you don't want to spoil Scene 5, skip this paragraph. Ya, this quote may or may not make it to the rough draft of JF, but I'm planning on putting it into the movie even if it becomes a deleted scene. It's an important part of JF to explain Jav's situation. He is being attacked by people no different from himself. They use shotguns, he uses his bare hands and his voice as we learn in Scene 5. What is the difference? Energy? No. Lethality? No. Innocence? No. Intent? No. I would say that the difference between a martial artist who strives for peace and a gang member bent on murder have a difference of method. Both wish to lead there life. Both want harmony with their ideals. Even their ideals could be similar. One wants a safe home where people are free to engage in good behavior and stern yet caring towards bad behavior. The other wants a safe home where they can engage in good behavior and a car. The pacifist martial artist naively believes in non-lethal protection from bad behavior. The murderous gang member is more practical, assuming that lethal force is the only way to promote his well being. Which is right? I say the pacifist is, but that's because I'm a pacifist. The City of Seattle Police Department, George W. Bush, the US Government, as well as murderous gang members disagree with me. Who are you going to agree with? I'm not going to tell you that my way is right, but I'm going to try to explain my sound reasoning which has led me to a pacifist lifestyle.

Notice that this guy is the last guy that I'll need for Page 1 of Scene 5 at least (perhaps Page 2 also). That means that Scene 5, Page 1 is due within a week. Pages 2-5 will be ready as time becomes available. I assume that I'll continue to use this same model to make 12 more models in the next few days. Some will carry different weapons of course, so I'll have to model them, but that isn't too hard.

My Dad bought me Great Teacher Onidzuka #21 and Weekly Jump. That's cool, I get to translate them that means. Not that I have been able to translate any of my other mangas or even Pocket Love Hina for the Gameboy, but I'm working on it. As I work on it, I will know more and more Japanese. Once I know all the Katakana and Hiragana, I'll be mostly set for translating mangas into Romanji (English pronunciations). Then I can work on translating Romanji into English. But really, learning a language does not require translation as much as understanding. After one year of college level German, I understand much of what German movies and German Websites (programming websites) are trying to say. Not because I can translate, but rather I can think what is being asked and answer it in my head or visa versa. That is what I believe to be the basis of communication. The machine code runs in your head without requiring interpretation. Although, I find it immensely hard to communicate with people even in my own language. When I'm focused on my pronunciation of a foreign language, I do better talking to people even though my pronunciation is off. Talking about translation, I bought Gunnm Last Order Graphic Novel #1! Sweetness! I've already read the translation on the net, but I want to buy the graphic novel for the pictures. A world class manga is hardly inspiring without the pictures. Kishiro is a master of the art form. Arigatou Gozaimasu, sensei Yukito! As I've said before, Gally even gets extra points for pain inflicting beauty.

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