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Creation Date: 2002-02-24
Still breaking the law? Yeah. I came here to sing a song about revolution. But I decided that it doesn't mean anything without love first. So this song goes out to the girl I love. ...

One, two, three,
You make me wanna reprogram the program...
Reprogram the progra--m, reprogram the program.
La la, la, la la laaa...
You make me wanna reprogram the program,
reprogram the program,
you make me...

You've seen something like this before, but this is an important update. Here we have shot and deflection. I'll explain that in the next paragraph. To do this, it's pretty simple, I did the same system as Jav's song but with greyscale, a small gunshot explosion, and then another shot bent upward. To make the shots visible while the smoke translucent, I filled the center of the shot with black and then took the inverse of the image added to itself. Then I resampled it with anti-alias on. That gave the smoke an opaque boundary line with a little buffer. I like it. Why did I add the inverse to itself? Because I wanted the opacity to work. Adding the opacity map to itself makes for thicker smoke. An interesting idea would be to have the opacity be radial and circumferential while the texture be only radial. That would be interesting, but it's out of my league for now. Today's lesson is what one of my next projects will involve. It will explore 3d gradient texturization. That sounds tough, but it's just a bit of physics. Here's my idea. We have a surface. Let's just say that it's the torso of a shirt. We want it to look very realistic. So what to do? We take the four corners of the shirt and we attach it to points. That will define it's size. The computer needs to do the calculations of surface area. Then you add a human torso that goes inside it's volume (underneath it, duh, the shirt is supposed to be worn). Then we calculate the force on every very small part of the shirt. The force includes gravity, tension1, tension2, tension3, and tension4. Very simple, but think about doing that a million times for a single shirt. It'd take a full second perhaps. It's certainly not realtime, but we don't need realtime. I'll explain. What do you get when you finish? The position of every minute particle in a shirt. Then you can do simple lighting calculation (raytracing) for each particle. That will give you the color of each particle. Then you take this list of colors and positions and you mix them until you get a correct antialiased picture of exactly what that shirt looks like. It becomes your shirt texture. Viola! What will it look like? Well, my belief is that ugly shirts too big for a person will look flappy, ugly shirts that are too small for a person will stretch, and perfect shirts will look sweet (btw this analysis is subjective). So what lesson can you learn here? Here ya go: physics explains observations and thus something that is supposed to look realistic will look good if you use physics. How can you use physics? One of two ways: Take or audit a freshman series physics class OR buy freshman physics books. The forces that are useful are in the first ten chapters (out of thirty). Do not get specialty books (books specifically about springs or strings) or physics books that are for programmers (I know of one that is terrible at explaining physics while it gives equations that can be used if you have a special non-realtime system). You will likely find nothing of use.

This pic means that Scene 5, Page 1 is about four hours from completion. But that does not mean that I will post it in four hours. I won't post it even tomorrow. I might post it Tuesday if you're lucky and supportive. Wednesday will be a tough day. Next Saturday will be maniacal, the week after that will be murderous, Then the Saturday after next will be explosive. Figuratively, not literally. Duh, I'm a pacifist. In fact, I was mentioning some peaceful action discussed at Peace Cafe. It's what the doctor ordered and I think that it will strengthen our community rather than destroy it (which I might add is sadly what many people's incorrect opinion of what anarchists do). Anarchists wish to dissolve the government and the only way to do that is to strengthen ties in neighborhoods. I'll quote Scene 3, "An intricate network of friendships allow anarchists under the dome to help each other according to their skills and needs." My good buddy downstairs, Michael agrees with me and has made a tape on Local Public Access expressing his wish to succeed from the oppressive ruling class and government by bankrupting the entire system. Bartering would replace capitalism and people would live in peace while the ruling class eats itself alive. Working class people actually make a society work and a ruling class would not survive without the working class. We can easily foresee the effects of succession. That is why police, corporations, and government will kill to stop it from happening. The proposed revolution will cost no lives that it will not cost anyway. It will not require political murder or any other type murder. That is justifiable in my mind since there is as much chance to save lives as there is otherwise. Allowing death at all is against my morals. Saving lives is an honorable pursuit but fails from time to time. Perhaps JF will incorporate this, but it does not yet exactly.

Until tomorrow: keep breaking the law and keep it peaceful.
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