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Creation Date: 2002-02-28
If you haven't looked, Scene 5, Page 1 and low res version are up! Look at that before you look at what is below. Comments on Scene 5 are in paragraph four.

If you're looking for a lesson, you probably won't find one here. I'll do my best to humor you, though. Jav is a silly guy. Here you see a pair of screen captures that I caught while Jav was napping and pretending to be a candleholder. Hehehe. Both of these are works in progress. These stupid pics should ensure you that I'm putting entirely too much effort into JF. The first one is my new pathing system with rotation. The pathing works just how I wanted, but I need a rotation system for anything useful. Duh. Well, I implemented it before I implemented the way to edit rotation. Really rotation isn't that easy to edit. What is a person supposed to do? Camera positions? Button pushing, drag and drop moving, and number crunching are all bad ways. I think that a preview with button pushing plus the option of number crunching in preview is the best. However, number crunching in preview is next to impossible in C++ from what I've seen. Great, huh? MFC sux and I don't have it implemented anyway. Dialog boxes always get in the way and are hard to implement. What to do? I say fuxx0r it all, but I can't quite just say that and let it be. So for now, Jav is going to face in the +X direction or will be taking dirt naps ala this photo. The other picture is to show you how far my Skinned Mesh system is - not very far. Really, it's pretty far. You can see that Jav looks like a candlestick, but all I need to do is implement three or four more functions. I can safely say that the SkinnedMesh Sample sux. It is worth two stars just for having the functions, but portability and ease of understanding gives it zero. Why didn't they just expand the D3DFile class? Oh yeah, that's because it's not a very good class. It's not very easy to expand. I've made a CD3DSkinMesh class that inherits the CD3DMesh class, but I have to duplicate every function as well every property. What is an inherited class that inherits nothing? A class. I'm probably going to do the same for the CD3DFrame class and my CD3DAnim class. But it's so confusing. I curse the idiots who wrote that terrible sample. They must have been on a deadline and four Jolt Colas past the LD50* of Jolt Cola.

*LD50 is a biology/chemistry term that explains the lethality of a substance at certain amounts. It is shorthand for Lethal Dose of 50% of the population. Of course, it's not exactly true because it uses comparative anatomy and lab animals. Alas poor monkeys, ready to be shot into space at a moment's notice, giving their life so that we humans may live.

How did JF Scene 5, Page 1 go? Besides being late, tough, low-quality, it destroyed AS3D MD version 1, so I can't be too happy. But I'll be a bit happy about it. The colors are bright, the characters are well built, the scenery is okay, and it progresses the plot to a whole new level. Scene 1-4 is supposed to show how made Jav is. He is a multi-billionaire (inflated and unusable) who is loved by the people, living free, and helps everyone around him. He is what I have always wanted to be. So why do I bring in an ambush at the dojo? Well, it's what the plot requires. A person does not change if s/he are living in perfection. If a person believes that s/he are perfect, they are delusional. Only in a constant state of change can balance can be achieved. Conflict will throw perfectionists into disarray. So the obvious conflict for a pacifist anarchist is a threat on his/her life. A perfectionist pacifist anarchist like Jav 2014 believes that a threat on his life can be prevented by helping others and minding his own business outside of his group of friends. Who would've known that [Plot element hidden-->]the anarchy is a perfect place for evil empires to arise? Well, we'll find out in Scene 7 or so. Also, remember Jav talking to those Gang Members in Scene 2? He said something pretty important there that makes more sense here than there. I think that it's a pretty good foreshadowing. So, we get to see the action-packed destruction of ideology here. I think it'll be fun.

By the way, when I fix AS3D MD version 1, I'm going to fix two things. The shotgun explosions (two of them) are not getting any light. With light, they'll look much better. Then I'm going to make Jav double over backwards during the battle. It makes sense that if you see someone firing a shotgun at point blank, you'd bend your knees and deflect it upward. That is what Jav did, if you didn't understand. With his immense knowledge of physics, he can control his voice to throw most of the shot out of it's trajectory. That's his super-hero power, even though it is just a voice talent and a well-defined study. Of course, changing the trajectory of bullets is not easy. It takes the same amount of energy as pushing them directly. If you know your physics, spinning bullets are extremely hard to move (angular momentum). However, shot is easy to move since it isn't spinning and it's very small. It has low momentum, but there's a lot of it.

In case you're wondering, yes, Jav is injured at the end of Page 1. But what's five hitpoints when you've been training fifteen years and have over 10,000 hitpoints. That's my goal, to gain 500 hitpoints per year consistently for fifteen years. Do the math, my current estimation for hitpoints is 2,500. At age 20, I am physically fit and have a bunch of stamina and a decent bit of strength. What is one hitpoint in my system then? I estimate one hitpoint is one lightly connecting punch. My strongest punch (right hook) connecting fully would do 100 damage. A good kick connecting fully would do 75 damage. With one or two weapons, a medium connect would do 250 damage. Do the math, 25 punches or 10 weapon swing would likely do severe brain damage. But of course, I'm not a very good fighter, so connecting 25 times is quite unlikely and would probably put a strong opponent on the ground by the tenth connect. Of course, this is all RPG statistic stuff. In real life, it's not that easy. But if we simply use the fact that better fighters usually do better in reasonable fights, we can make the case. Of course, I know from recent experience that four well-placed bullets do more damage than a large person can survive. But someone with 10,000 hitpoints could likely survive less than four less than well placed bullets. We just might find out in Scene 5, Page 2 and 3 and Scene 6.

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