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Creation Date: 2002-03-01
If you haven't looked, Scene 5, Page 1 and low res version are up! Look at that before you look at what is below. Comments on Scene 5 are in paragraph four.

You like movies, don't you? Then why are you cringing? Don't worry, it's only 56 kB. It's far less than the picture above.

So what is it all about? You want a lesson, right? Well, that I can provide. This is a pretty decent 3d animation loop if you didn't notice from looking at it. I grabbed the frames from MilkShape3D and used a macro in Corel PhotoPaint 6 to crop and resample them really quickly. I saved them as seperate bitmaps. Then I wrote a text file with the names of all the fifteen bitmaps. I copied the name of each picture ten or so times. I named the text file javatk1.lst. Then I opened up AVI2MPG and imported the list. Then I exported to MPEG-1. Then I opened it in Virtual Dub and increased the framerate from 60 fps to 120 fps to make it smooth. Then I compressed it to 56 kbps and here it is. If you want to know the snappy way that I displayed it, just right click the page and View Source. It's the OBJECT id=Player1, you see. What else? The actual keyframing of it was fun and easy. It's hard to get something to look realistic in a movie let alone a picture. But as I hope you see, this picture gains something by being a movie. You get to see what is actually behind the scenes of JF where a picture can only give you a cut of it.

I believe that in six months or so, I'll be able to present the rough draft of JF Anime, at least one full scene. By then, I'm hoping to have JF Manga Rough Draft done and JF Final started. However, who knows. I'm looking at twenty-six credits this spring (to graduate in June before I can legally drink alcohol ^_^) and a day job this summer, so it isn't a done deal. However, this little clip ought to give you hope. It gives me hope. So I say to you, artist looking for wisdom: "Animations aide the still picture while still pictures aide the animation. Conquer both and you'll be allowed to give your great idea a try."

I'm doing well. I did pretty well on my Modern Physics midterm and I completely aced my Mathematical Methods of Physics midterm. It was all about matrices which are my specialty. Next week is the big cheese, though, Electromagnetics. My previous midterm was just barely at 2.0 (a passing grade plus 3.0 on homework is decent), so this one I want to ace so that I can really ensure my good grade. Then there are finals in twenty days.

I'm still wondering if I should take all 30 credits next quarter. I'm going to sign up for them all and I'll drop the VLPA classes if I can't handle it. But I think I can handle it. If I get into a rhythm, I can really output a lot of quality work. I'll go to every TA hour that I can and I'll stick around the Physics building until the janitors arrive. That's what seniors are supposed to do and I've never done it, really. My first class all this year has been 8:30, so getting up early has been the major problem that I have overcome this quarter. That along with doing all my homework and doing it early enough for TA hours.

***SNIP*** I don't have a phone card, so I can't call you. I could put money onto this one I have with my debit card, but I'm afraid that the rate will skyrocket just like the last phone card I got. I'm glad that my answering machine works. You're the first to leave a message and likely the first to call. How sad, right? I'm home far too often.

My housemate who also witnessed the events on February 18th is being obstinate about helping with a political battle with the police. I don't blame him that it's far too hard to expect justice in the current situation. However, if we are sheepish about what we want, the police will take it as free reign to murder anyone who is considered a threat. Bush has aleady loosed the dogs (FBI) onto the Earth Liberation Front. We justify it because they're actually doing property destruction. Next it'll be anarchists like my neighbors and RaiseTheFist.com. We justify it because they are making available the tools of destruction and from time to time engage in non-violent dissent. Then it'll be anarchists like myself because we are outspoken about the dismantling of the government and follow those in the previous group. Then it'll be four years later and the liberals will have the executive office. Then it'll be gun rights advocates like yourself and Charlton Heston. By that time, it'll be far too late not just for revolution but even for passive resistance. People will justify it, but we sure won't, will we? No, when we are threatened, we sure don't justify it too far, do we? I say that you ought to be telling Bush to seal up the executive power before the liberals get it. At least then you won't be threatened in three years from now. But I'd say that in four years from now, you should expect trouble if this keeps going on.

The slippery slope simile is often used to generalize phobias, but I feel that it is a perfect parallel to what I have seen. The entire student body representatives of NC laughed when I said that ID cards were the step that would decrease safety while also decreasing liberty. I told them, "Soon, it'll be illegal to walk the streets at night without your ID card." Now what do you see? National ID cards that they won't let a person travel without. They're even incorporating video monitoring systems that pick out known felons and immigrants out of airports. Entirely useless to security and entirely destructive to liberty.

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