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Creation Date: 2002-03-04
Look at the filename and you'll see that this is Making Of JF # 99. Ninety-nine posts in 102 days (two of the three "days off" I made a page of JF, and one I celebrated the WTO protests). I think that proves my diligence. But where my diligence strikes is not always where I want. Diligence in Electromagnetism midterm studying would be helpful right now. But I have none of it. I think that is because the computer is my safe place. When things around me are falling apart, my computer is *usually* working. And if it isn't working, I can certainly spend fun time fixing it. I don't say that I'm a 21st century digital boy or nothing like that... I certainly enjoyed Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I might have liked it less well if I had downloaded it. But I enjoy things that I have downloaded far more than that I have bought IRL. Take Love Hina. Downloading it from the UW network was very cool. It was even fansubbed. Only Japanese people could watch it until the advent of the net and DivX video compression. But then I must compare Battle Angel Alita (bought IRL) to GTO (downloaded the first few books of a translated version). I really liked what I read of GTO, but it cannot compare to my favorite manga of all time, Battle Angel Alita. But now I'm faced with Gunnm: Last Order. The translation text is on the net while the books (in Japanese) are hard to find. I finally ordered the first two graphic novels through Animerica, but then I saw the first graphic novel for sale in my favorite store, Anime Kingdom. I had to buy it... I dunno why, immediacy perhaps. So in a month or so I'll have an extra copy of Gunnm Last Order #1 for anyone who wants it in the Seattle Area.

Where was I? Computers are my safe place. I fear social situations, so I stay home and mess with my computer. I'm going to have to start being social sometime soon. But not yet. I'll watch Evangelion for the fourth time instead of going to a dance club. Evangelion is fun, free, and safe, but a dance club would certainly be fun. *shrug*

You want the lesson behind this freak, don't you? Hmmm.. After a day of studying, problems, and some success fixing memory leaks, I decided that Scene 5, Page 2 and 3 should be my forefront. So here it is. The third guy on the second floor of Sensei's Dojo Apartment. These dual customized pistols look kinda cool, but look at this freak. How useful are two large caliber guns when you don't have opposable thumbs? ^_^ You should assume that this guy has hidden opposable thumbs. A holster would be helpful, right? How is he going to take the safety off each of those? It's not a one handed operation for those Glocks. Perhaps he stuffs one in his pants and takes the safety off the other, switches, and takes the safety off the other. Then he's required to use both. The only way to put the safety back on for those Glocks is: take out the clip, re-cock the gun to release the bullet in the chamber. I say that it isn't a very good system. Especially for two guns. But "all is fair in love and war," as they say. Pacifists like Jav and me cannot expect non-pacifists to act rationally*. But I like that. We can see this crazy arrangement and we see that yes, indeed, this Dojo Ambush is completely out of control. Wait until you see the first floor and outside. But it's not out of my control. I'm watching the game, controlling it from afar. I know what is going on and I have a purpose for every word said. So my lesson for tonight is thus: control the uncontrollable in your life and don't forget to use hyperbole to make people laugh.

*We can however, expect Jav to beat the fsck out of a bunch of attackers such as in Scene Five (and all of JF). But does this conflict with my pacifist beliefs? You may assume that it does not. I have a hard time dealing with it myself. Self-defense is a touchy topic. Does a righteous person allow himself to be killed or seriously injured just to not attack? I remember hearing a real pacifist martial artist explain that he could stop a bullet with his lips. Truthfully, he could talk his way out of a bullet. Part of being strong is not using your strength, but rather your self-discipline to change the situations to your favor. What happens when you are not strong enough? Something like what Jav does through all of JF. Notice how he is barely ahead of the problems around him. If you see something like that in your life, you're probably in for some trouble. Jav defends himself and his community as best as he can, but shotguns, grenade launchers, uzis, and pistols are not in the job description.

My advice is thus: When it comes down to that, you just have to delay. That's right, don't let anything happen immediately. Stall, offend, confuse, run away, and do whatever you can to give yourself time. If you are faced with something immediate, you're sure to screw it up. Only do those things which you know to be mildly harmful. Be sure to control damage to a known mild maximum. When you are in a position where time is not critical anymore, you can think it through. It is impractical to decide every decision before you need to make it. Situations like these are often different enough to make the difference between life and death. For example, hypothetically let's say that you're a cop. Let's not get into the topic of police and jail, etc. You're on the beat when you see something bad happening. You know it's illegal and it's your job to stop it. So you rush into situation with your gun drawn. You see a threat to your life and in an instant you've murdered an innocent person. If you're a smart cop, you will not pull the trigger. But if you're a smart person, you don't draw your gun or your club. You won't even rush into the situation. You'll find what needs to be done immediately and what needs to be done in the short term. The human brain is very quick. An interesting thing is that ten thoughts and one correct action take as much time as one thought and one possibly correct action. What to do after those ten thoughts is up to the person, certainly, but I hope that long nights of thought make those ten thoughts very useful.

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