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Hi all. You expected that I'd miss yesterday's promise, right? It was July 4, so I'll blame it on that. Every day is really lame. I need to stop playing Counter-Strike, America's Army, and TFC. What is America's Army? I'm glad you asked. It's a video game created in part by the US Army that is given to US teens for free via my tax dollars. You can see the conflicts when I tell you that I'm a pacifist anarchist. Playing this game (or more accurately, not playing it) shows me that the US Government is unfit to claim rule over any individual let alone the world. It also shows me that the US Army is as desperate as the US Navy to recruit teenagers into becoming murderers. Shame on them. We anarchists wouldn't allow teens to become anarchists, if we weren't teens, and if we weren't anarchists, and if teen punks weren't so insistant on being called anarchists. I guess I'm no longer a teen anarchist anymore and soon I won't be a minor either. Another of my main arguments against government. The restriction of music to 21+ and movies to 17+ audiences is as much a crime as it is absurd. As if teens aren't intelligent enough to make decisions about what they see or hear.

Back to the topic of Scene 5, Page 6. What is it all about? Well, I tried to give a bit of room, but it turned out to be not enough. Pretty much, Jav got onto the first floor of the apartment and he met the toughest guys of the syndicate. He clotheslined the first, and did a flying acrobatic stunt never touching the floor between kicking three guys. Scene 6 will start with Jav opening that door. What will he find? You'll find out in twenty years. Hehehe. Or possibly sooner.

You want a lesson? Okay, today I'll tell you the answer to the most frequently asked questions of Javantea's Fate. Three: Yeah, I wish. Two: No, I don't even think it'll be popular in 2041. One: Only on Thursdays and the third Saturday of the month. Another lesson is: Download the mp3 Animals - "Sky Pilot" and listen to it. For all you coders, check out this sweet code I added to my sweet admin page for JF. It allows you to press Ctrl-S and send your form to an IFRAME below. So then it saves just like a good text editor. <!TEXTAREA name="Rant" id="Rant" COLS="70" ROWS="30" style="border:#666699 1px solid;" onKeyDown="Save()"></TEXTAREA> function Save() { if ((window.event.keyCode=="83")&& (window.event.ctrlKey==true)) { Admin.save.click(); } }


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