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UPDATE! I downloaded a little thing called bbMPeG aka AVI2MPG2 from Digital Digest. so now it's a small DivX movie! In fact, it's tiny.Download the low-quality movie or watch it here.

Well, it's 2:41 AM the day before Page 38 is due and I'm already done. Not only am I done, I have a full movie. I couldn't get my DivX encoder working, so you'll have to do with zipped full-frame (uncompressed) AVI. It's only 600 kb, quit your whining. The lesson is about how to make a dancer movie. First you need the dancer. Model the dancer and skin him/her. Then attach bones. This is a very complicated process, but I'll just assume that you've spent countless hours delving into the intricacies of 3d modelling and animation. Then you put the arms above the head, move each joint from right to left, up to down, in a clockwise circle as time goes from 0 to n. At n, it should be back at the start. You don't even have to make the last frame because the last frame is a copy of the first frame. It doesn't matter what you do, if it loops, it's the same. Make the hips follow the flow. Make the knees and ankles do the same. Everything in a hip dancer's body flows in a rhythm. Why is that? Because they're dancing to music. (At least I hope they are!) More on that in the next paragraph. The next step is to make sure it looks good. It should be smooth and natural. You should be able to take a camcorder to your next rave and get some girl to dance a lot like what you have in the animation. Next step is to do a printscreen of each frame (keyframes and interpolation frames). Then you use one of the plethora of programs that will take bitmaps and make an AVI or DivX of it. For me, that is Corel Photo-Paint 6. It's old and just slightly better than nothing, but that's what I'm using for now. A while back I was using a funny thing: pjBMP2AVI or something like that. I found that when I was doing Half-Life Movies. You see, half life had this awful format called RFMF or something like that. It's simple, so I guess they win. The Half-Life SDK came with a program that splits it into BMPs. Wonderful, now I have five hundred 400x300 BMPs for a twenty second 15 FPS clip. Fsck you HL! So then I put them all into this pjBMP2AVI and it makes an AVI. Even better, now I have a PoS full frame AVI!!! Might I suggest that these three total up to 1 GB per minute or something like that? Then I have to get it to DivX. Well, Flask MPeG does that if you have an MPeG. No, I don't have an MPeG. If I had an MPeG, I probably wouldn't want it to be DivX frankly. So, DirectShow can do that. So I write my own Visual Basic program that makes a DivX from an AVI. Wonderful, right? Well, it's not without problems: you can't change the compression, sometimes it likes to squish stuff, and sometimes it just plain fails. How do you make a DivX if you don't know what compression you're going to get? My answer: find a system that does it better. My solution: AltSci3D Anime Producer. AS3D AP will rock the market. I really think that it will. Using data from the Manga or the Anime Director, it'll compress the video in real time giving super-fast production time. Instead of saving all the data in full frame (uncompressed) AVI or RFMF file, AS3DAP will compress it sparing your hard drive and the time that extensive use of a hard drive takes. I know what you're thinking, you've written off AS3D because it requires a low poly count to run at real-time. Well, might I suggest that there's a high poly count solution. AltSci Character Studio will come with bezier curve system. Thus, you can increase the polygon count by a factor of 100 or so to get perfect curves. This will not run at real time, but you don't need real time if you're going to be saving it to a DivX or DVD. The frame will be saved and the file will be written in it's own time. People with a decent video card now will be able to use AltSci3D Anime Viewer to watch the Anime in 3d medium. Why is that so important? Might I suggest 1600x900 resolution at 60 fps against your television's 800x600 at 32 fps? When the GeForce 4 or so comes out, the Bezier models will allow everyone with a GeForce 4 card to watch the movie as it is presented in DVD and in high resolution. Talk about sweetness.

Back to the topic of techno. If you don't know how to dance at all, I suggest that you check out Digitally Imported or go directly to Trance (24 kbps). Then let your feet work into the groove. Your hands should try to feel up the keyboard. Then let your shoulders go. Your elbows can't stay in the same place. Then head starts bobbing. You jump from your seat and you land on the dance floor. You dream in techno. Your favorite color is neon cyan just because it sounds cool when you're on e at the trance rave. You stop taking e at trance raves because you need to focus more energy on dancing and feeling good. You stop drinking caffeinated drinks because nothing gets you hyper like a good hard beat. You give blood (on a day that you haven't had enough to eat) so that you can trip while listening to techno. You explain to your friends that techno is a ever-evolving quest that has no end, because the only thing that matters is the journey. Your "friends" abandon you saying that you've lost grip on reality. You're angered when you see your "friends" buying e. But you aren't angry for long because you're listening to another killer beat. You fall asleep in the middle of a traffic jam because you haven't slept in a week. You were walking in the middle of that traffic jam when you fell asleep. As cars drive above you, you press your ear to the ground because you hear a killer beat from all the cars' engines... Okay, enough tripping.


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